NEW: Wuhan, US Labs Collude To DELETE DATA In ‘Explosive’ Legal Deal

Reporter at U.S. Right to Know, Emily Kopp, details shocking a legal agreement that grants the Wuhan Institute of Virology the right to ask a partnering lab in the U.S. to destroy all records of their work.

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  1. There is very little doubt now, that Fauci and the NIH were involved in funding and creating this virus that killed millions of people, and cost the global economy trillions of dollars.
    There is zero doubt that our government and China's government have been involved in a coverup, the entire time… using the mainstream media as a propaganda machine, and a tyrannical justice department to attack and intimidate Americans and violate our rights and freeedoms.

  2. What the heck? We can fund it ,but it's not our business to know what they are doing? I usually want to know what my money is paying for. This has all been going on way to long.

  3. Something that I cannot understand. How is it that China infiltrates every level of information in the US and of the US government and it’s more like digging graveyard to get info out of China. Is America such a sucker or the personal money in exchange is so worth it? I believe we need to do our part as citizens of America. We’ve got to take matters into our hands. We maybe more free, but we’re equally smart to do the same.

  4. Folks is this really a surprise to anyone?
    The democrats have no problem killing people to gain power. Obama was said to give money to China to come up with a sickness to hurt Trump and regain power. The biden's, clinton's, obamas all wanted power back to democrats, more importantly to hurt Trump. Trump was doing everything the democrats hate. Putting up the wall on our southern border, putting record numbers of people to work, the lowest Black employment EVER! The highest female employment EVER ( democrats hate all that because it takes power away from democrats)

  5. The WHO is controlled by Bill Gates. I don't think they have a truthful interest in this subject. Unfortunately the truth about all that has happened starts to come out, thanks to courageous journalists like Emily Kopp. This goes deeper and deeper, and will be interesting to see how the powers to be are going to handled these developments.

  6. There is NO BLOOD test for ANY variant !! ASK any lab and they will tell you !!! LOOK ON THE LAB order sheet !!! Read and share the new best seller, VIRUS MANIA!! The best book of the century !!

    View the LEW ROCKWELL page daily for updates !!! Arrest Bill Gates for TREASON !!!

  7. There's no legitimate reason they could give for deleting their data especially with experimental diseases. How much more evidence or this kind of behavior do we need to see to determine these people are hiding something and most likely guilty of what is suspected.

  8. Using an acceptably questionable manoever to neutralize a dangerous question. People will still be making the case that the virus was the result of genetically modifying pathogens but this 'legal' destruction of evidence will be used to keep the accusations in the land of speculation. I'm reminded of Obama giving the bankers immunity from prosecution before all the facts emerged after the financial collapse.

  9. This pandemic started with funding and is prolonged by profits. But instead of follow the profiteers, we're just depending on professional liars to give us truth. Seems their no room in prison for crimes against humanity for deep state members.

  10. It's funny how criminals keep good records of their crimes and when got busted they are in panic mode to get rid of the evidence. You would as many years that USA government has doing their criminal scams they would get smart and not keep records. Or any other criminal out in this country. That's most of them get caught. And they say humans are evolving and are smart. You can have all the booksmarts in the world. Without commonsense still be the dumbest person in the world.

  11. Any computer person who's worth half his salt should know Deletd data can be recovered .. unless they do like HRC and her hammers do .. Get back to us w/smashed up devices .. O/wise, much adieu about nothn ……

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