New York City businesses: they’re all leaving

? DJI Action 4K:
? DPA 4066: (my favorite mic)
? Zoom H1n: (this works amazingly well)

Written by Louis Rossmann


  1. Louis, you are the only sending out news from NYC from a boots on the ground perspective. Better yet are your bike rides through the city that gives a great visual landscape of what's really going. No other news outlet is sharing this stuff and this view of what's happening for real. thank you!

  2. Hey Louis, How hot does it get there during the spring and Summer? If it's anything above probably 85-95 then the roads look like shit because of they are melting.

  3. Add century 21 to the list

    I'm in Bay Ridge, businesses closing left and right, homeless all over the place, crime up to levels I can't compare (we went years without a murder/shootings in my area)

  4. the pavement was like that cause they ground the top coat off, so they could resurface it…

    that's why all the manhole covers were sticking up two inches. when its repaved, everything will be smoothe and flush.

    it's done in every town and city with asphalt roads.

  5. how do people not know what the process of road resurfacing is? even if you dont do road work, surely you should've figured it out through experience by now.

  6. Why are you not taking a bike ride during the day? Right now with all the restrictions everything is closed. Soon in Room dining will be open to 25% capacity as well as museums ..You have to give some time for things to open. NewYorkers were very scared to come out because of the Corona… we were really hit very very very hard I don't think you're being fair. Also,Come to Long Island city queens during the day it's beautiful and it's very busy here. 20 minutes to time square by train. Time heals.

  7. Title of the video looks interesting but unfortunately i can't watch anymore your video where the camera isn't stable. I just get sick after like 10 minutes watching and once I'm sick I need hours to feel better.

  8. I’m more than 4 minutes into this video, does he ever start talking about businesses leaving NY? Is this a video review of cameras? I’m out!