New York City Is a Warzone, Over 2000 Arrests So Far, Businesses DESTROYED, Gun Sales SHATTER Record

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  1. the moment the left stopped having debates and only resorted to hit pieces and personal attacks, this was the only inevitable result.
    the police only have 1 option, sit back and wait until enough people beg them to do something, regardless of the force used.

    im a brit, personally i dont like our own police force, but something i believe they should all have is body cams, covering or not recording should be a punishable crime (criminal negligence or obstruction of justice could fit) and a more community based policing, such as lots of community officers with a few proper officers to arbitrate and manage/reign in the community officers.

    while these ideas may not be good/work, its better than what the left wants, im offering a viable alternative, a plan i think could work, they just want the police gone and wishfully think nothing will go wrong!

  2. The Left wants destabilization. They want to push matters to the brink, forcing the President to declare Martial Law, thus utilizing Federal Troops… then they can blame him for the entire matter. In addition, the aftermath will lend itself to more dependency on the Government, and they can once again preach Socialism.

    I've been waiting for the Fed's to enforce the Patriot Act! These fuktards seem to be unaware of many Laws which aren't being enforced. They also seem to be ignorant of the Laws which are protecting them from The People.

    And… Normal is relative, when one lives in an asylum, insane is normal. As standards across the board continue to diminish and the system intentionally pushes on with the dumbing down of society as a whole, this behavior will become more common… look at the past decade, by nearly every measurable standard, these folks are a pathetic joke.

  3. at what point does "freedom of the press" become inciting violence and possibly sedition? after all we have have "freedom of speech" but that doesn't mean we can abuse it to maliciously scream fire in a crowded room.

  4. TIM: I'm not saying that the country will end up existing.
    Nope, but that isn't the ideological goal – destroying the morale of the people and image of the country as a place for everyone, however, is. So, it is more or less trying to destroy what the country stands for. :/

  5. It seems like the police are in a no-win situation, and I want to have some sympathy. If only they hadn't been arresting business owners for opening up their own stores, I might actually care about thesr dirtbags now.

    Another video said that the DA's office isn't prosecuting blm protesters. Maybe a bunch of cops will get murdered and then the state won't prosecute.

  6. Funny part is a lot of these uniformed leftist are like herp de derp why aren't the bugaloo boys out there fighting the national guard they so dumb. You crazy if you think the people who were protesting our rights being taken away are going to support people looting and rioting. They are going to bunker down and protect themselves against you while you destroy yourselves

  7. I'm 100% FOR the police everywhere standing down. Even if looting happens. If someone throws objects. Just go home. Don't give the media clips that they want. Instead, all they get are clips of buildings burning from peaceful rioters.

  8. It's people LARPing around as heroes… They think they're helping, and the notion that they might be in the wrong is completely foreign to them. And it very much doesn't help that the only opinion they listen to is their circle of friends who all say they're doing the right thing by wrecking these places…

  9. Btw: the filthy Democratic thugs talking point is now that if you complain about rape or someone breaking in your house, it comes from a place of privilege. These woke a holes are crazy. Never vote for democrats.

  10. Time to stop selling guns if the left is starting to catch on… It's too late for them they made their choice. Send them out into the water without a boat they never wanted guns until now. It's too late. Reap what you have sown.

  11. Simple. Anyone who killed or attempted to kill anyone give them the death sentence, or life in prison. The rest slap with a fine divided equally over the costs of all the damages done to property that they will be forced to pay back over their life time and subsequently their families and children until it's fully paid off. Failure to pay results in loss of rights or temporary imprisonment on weekends. Friday night to Sunday night your ass is in prison making that money back in the same areas you burnt down. Work day release programs with you going to sleep in a jail cell every night. Not as bad as it sounds. But weekdays you can make more money working a normal job and ease the stress of the penitentiary system. Set these fucking people right already…

  12. You have to love how the left calls for gun control and gun banning but then they commit acts of violence which caused people to buy more guns. The left truly is the greatest gun salesman around. I'm sorry the non binary sales person around

  13. Why are there any cops in New York City to begin with. Once the people turn their back on them they should have all quit. There are no good and decent people in New York

  14. It won't change, especially with young Americans. And trust me, I'm one too, I recently graduated from college and can see a lot of my peers posting the leftist BS.

    They'll get a gun, but still want to live in the cities. They'll get hunted by these anarchists, and the police won't help them, but they'll find a way to blame it on Trump or the GOP. I'm not sure these people are sane enough to actually recover from their TDS, and it's insane.

  15. Ill say it again.

    The police have no duty to protect you.
    They dont have to do anything.
    They can pick and choose what law to enforce.

  16. i have never been so wrong these years. i always thought that banning fire arms will help solving school shootings. but here, when there is a riot, you can't depend on other people and gun is the correct answer.

  17. It's about power dummy, crack down and everybody falls in line, send some celebritirs and social media owners for stiff sentemces for inciting violence and this will be over quicker than you make another video. Go for the main players.

  18. It means the government is soon gonna throw a rope around the media.They are out of control.A country cannot survive if the government is constantly at war with an out of control media that is trying to be king makers.There is no more true journalism and if you think there is you’re delusional.How long before they turn on the left too?Fake news is getting people killed right now.

  19. Training means everything TIM. What the fuck? Police hand to hand training is embarrassing. They have zero concept of wrist or arm control. The proof is all over youtube. Ive seen white belts with 3 months tie cops up in 1 min. The problem is cops aren't taught police oriented jujutsu. Most of their academy curriculum should be jujitsu. They have no tools to use between de-escalation & tazer or gun. I mean their submission techniques are absolutely embarrassing. They don't enter ect….. I don't mean gym or tournament submission wrestling. I mean combat jujitsu (they exist, I train in one of those dojos) you can't roll around on the ground for arm bars & heel hooks while a 100 violent looters throwing shit & kicking you. Stay upright at all cost. There's standing locks ,breaks , throws sweeps. All kinds of stuff THAT WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHY ARENT POLICE TAUGHT THIS? THE MAJORITY OF THE POLICE ACADEMY SHOULD BE COMBAT JUJITSU TESTED TECHNIQUES THAT WORK! THEY SHOULD HAVE AT LEAST A 1000 HRS BEFORE GRADUATION. THEN AFTER HIRED. THEY SHOULD REQUIRE THEM TO TRAIN AT LEAST 1 TO 3 HRS A WEEK IN A CIVILIAN DOJO.(THATLL BUILD COMMUNITY TRUST.) WHY THE FUCK IS THIS NOT REALIZED? POLICE ARE IN MARTIAL SITUATIONS ALL THE TIME. ALSO, COPS LIKE CHAUVIN HAD 20 + LEGITIMATE COMPLAINTS AND POLITICIANS DID NOT FIRE HIM & CHARGE HIM. GOD FUCKIN DAMN MORON PEOPLE. PUNISH THE CITY POLITICIANS FIRST. PUT THEM IN FUCKIN HAND CUFFS AND WATCH HOW FAST SHIT CHANGES. JOIN A MILITIA. GROW THE MILITIAS. (EVEN THOUGH THRYRE CONSIDERED RIGHT WING RACIST) THEN WALK INTO CITY OFFICES, SHERRIFF OFFICES & DEMAND FREEDOM OR ELSE. I DONT CARE WHAT UNIFORM YOU HAVE ON OR TITLE YOU HAVE. I WILL NOT COMPLY & YOU AINT TAKING ME ALIVE YOU FUCKIN INGRATES. KEEP POKING US . KEEP IT UP.. HOLD POLITICIANS ACCOUNTABLE FOR THEIR DISREGARD OF A BAD COP. DO A TOTAL REBOOT OF THE POLICE ACADEMY. I HAVE 15 YEARS IN COMBAT JUJITSU & ROLLED & FOUGHT COPS. ITS EMBARRASSING. STAND THE FUUUUUCCCCCKKKKK UUUPPPP OR LOSE THIS COUNTRY! Maybe balkanization is inevitable………… Wouldn't you rather have medium to higher grade jujitsu practitioners patrolling the streets? It's happened before & the crime was gone in a week. It was new York I think. Could be wrong. I WANT POLITICIANS IN HAND CUFFS & "CITIZEN" JUJITSU PATROLING THE STREETS.

  20. Over 2,000 arrested so far? How many of those are released within 24hrs? No wonder the police don't want to bother doing anything. Why risk your life arresting terrorist who will be released in a a few hours and you will be facing them again tomorrow. What trucking company would risk their trucks and drivers delivering fresh food to a lawless city? Time to get out of Dodge.

  21. The whole thing with staying at home causing more infections I don't see how having no lockdown is going to help that. I'm just assuming that they mean the virus is spreading through households. Even without a lockdown people kind of still live at home so if they get it chances are that they will bring it home and infect the other people living in the household.