New York City Nuke Warning, Aaron Mate vs The Guardian, Hunter Biden 4CHAN Leak

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  1. Reminds me of an old sign in a bar in Alaska; "In case of nuclear attack, place head firmly between legs, kiss ass good-bye."
    In reality, you'll be lucky if you die in the initial blast. If you survive, you will experience the joys of dying slowly as your body rots from the radiation poisoning.

    The fucking idiots calling for nuclear strikes, don't seem to grasp the meaning of the words 'Mutually Assured Destruction'. One side launches even ONE nuke, the other side must assume more are on the way, and will launch their entire arsenal.
    If any kind of nuclear exchange happens, BOTH sides will launch their ENTIRE nuclear arsenal. That is the ENTIRE POINT of a nuclear arsenal; if your enemy launches nukes to destroy you, your early-warning systems will detect the launch giving you time to launch your entire arsenal at them in retaliation. And this is just the two main antagonists involved, this isn't counting the smaller arsenals in each side's ally nations, who may also launch their nukes.

    These nukes will fall on every military base and population center in both nations, and then some. No sane human being pushes for a nuclear war. Sane human beings pray one never happens in the first place. The 'people' (and I use that term lightly) pushing for this kind of war with Russia are sub-human monsters pushing for the extinction of their nation, and indeed possibly the human race, plain and simple.

  2. What is even more disgusting than the Guardian, is a certain Badwoman with some tabloid show called "Oligarchy Now!" Or some crap, and her refusal to have Aaron on her show, because he tells truth.

  3. I was in the military in the '70s and was givin a test question asking if the U.S. would survive a nuclear war. I got it wrong. The correct answer was Yes. I was godsmacked and so was everyone else. None of us beleived it!

  4. Once again, Jerry shows that he is not very bright. There is no cleanup, Fukushima is still pouring Cesium 137 into the ocean, among other stuff.

    There is no past tense with Fukushima, but I wouldn't expect a dolt who doesn't realize ammunition can be made by anyone with access to basic machine tools to actually be aware of the world around him.

  5. Love you guys for talking about this. I've been banging this drum on Reddit to the folks in the back who want the west to be tougher on Russia and the go to war with China.
    I highly recommend "Threads". It is utterly unsentimental and it doesn't try to soothe you. It doesn't lie and say you'll rise from the ashes like a phoenix. You will not.
    Another one that's good is "When the Wind Blows" animated and focuses on a retired couple living in the English countryside when the bomb falls.
    Something else to remember is that even if you are still alive, many of your family will die. You'll be beside yourself in grief along with being injured with burns, radiation sickness, hungry, cold, exposed and eventually full of tumors. You will die of hunger. Planes will collide because no one will stay at their post to guide the traffic at the airport. Everyone will be looking for their family and looking for water. You won't be ordering groceries online. There won't be any 'frontline' or 'essential' workers. Nothing electronic will work. There won't be power or cell towers. Neighborhoods will be burning rubble. There will be burned bodies everywhere and no one to bury them. Water and soil will be contaminated.

  6. The Swiss had a law that every person should have a nuclear shelter. And the Swiss government had a plan to re-start mail delivery 6 weeks after Armageddon.
    BTW I've been asking you guys to report on the climate crisis. We've had crop failures and it will only get worse. India is the second largest wheat producer. They had soil temperatures of 60°C / 140°F in early May this year. I was tweeting out in January that we only had months of livestock feed for Europe. No Ag groups responded. And yet they are saying that the "Green Agenda" is the problem. And now they are clamoring for more fracking! We are being played.
    I've been following the climate for decades and this is why I've been taking it seriously. I never believed in Chem Trails, but I won't say they aren't being used. However by studying the Arctic Sea Ice I believe they are trying to manufacture ice in critical choke points in the Arctic. And that ice is barely hanging on. There are areas over sea ice that are over 15°C which was unheard of 5 years ago. But there are some climate scientists that have said that one thing that could save the sea ice would be a nuclear winter.

  7. Many of the people who are fomenting the chaos between Ukraine and Russia understand very well that they are being disruptive and chaotic towards the public. That fear and sense of Loss or lack of direction will be exploited in some way. There will be more "security options" brought forth. There will be more surveillance of the public. There will be a further erosion of our so called constitutionally protected rights. If the public doesn't take to the streets and simply stop participating in the system sooner rather than later, things will only get worse. We need to take note of what our European and other brothers and sisters are doing to reclaim their financial dignity.

  8. It all depends on the blast yield and where you are. If you get a warning, it means that it will be because it is either submarine or ICBM launched. A submarine launched missile, you'll only have at most like 3 minutes warning, though probably less. An ICBM, at most a 30 minute warning, although probably 10-15 minutes. If you do get a warning, it means it will be a higher yield warhead in the Megaton range. It will all depend on where you are, and any action you take that might save your life will only matter if you are outside a certain radius from the blast zone of a megaton range warhead (you're talking miles away, maybe tens of miles). Still, you want know unless and until you survive it, but yes, anything you could do might help.

  9. It's funny how the nuke warning doesn't mention the fact that hitting 5 targets in the USA wipes out power to the entire country. Our outdated power grid would kill more people than the attack would…smh

  10. Aaron Mate is absolutely right! He is an excellent journalist, and the Guardian has no proof that Aaron is spreading misinformation. Yet, the Guardian likes to smear Aaron for telling the truth. Mate does on the ground reporting, unlike the majority of these so-called journalists.

  11. JD is correct! The Crime Bill that Joe Biden created stated that people with drug charges should be in jail. Well, in that case, Hunter Biden (his son) should be in jail. There is a double standard in this society which favors the Elites. They can get away with crimes, but the "Average Joe" will be tried, convicted and sent to prison. The prolific political writer, Chris Hedges, taught African American prisoners to whom were charged with petty drug stuff and incarcerated for years because of Joe's crime bill! This is disgusting!

  12. I watched "The Day After" and "Testament" when they were originally out. Frightening, but in a slow scary way. a REAL eye-opener is "Threads," the British movie on nuclear war aftermath. It's available (FREE, with ads) on Tubi. Who exactly was that NY city propaganda film for? Is there actually ANYONE, who can remember the original Cold War from the 1950s onward, who thinks going in a building, will protect you from fall-out? Are there people born post 9/11, who really believe a nuclear war is survivable? Americans are truly the most obedient, ignorant, & laziest thinkers on the planet, and our country will END homo sapiens & most life on this planet. My money is on cockroaches, rats & crows ~ otherwise, the planet is toast.

  13. Russell Brand had a journalist on his show some time ago basically outlining that the media that is being consumed by regular everyday people is not directed towards them. Somethings are but vast majority of it is directed to about 6% of the population (The wealthy and monied interest). Knowing that it makes since as to who the Nuke PSA is directed to, it's directed towards affluent people who live outside of NYC, most likely already tipped off about a nuclear attack. That's why the step to secure yourself is so weird when you think about it as someone living in the city, it's because it's not for them. "If you have have a basement go there." Like who the fuck have a basement within NYC? The likely hood is very low. But it's not hella low for people in the suburbia outskirts.

    Lastly, Kit is definitely right about the Peace Museum in Hiroshima. It's definitely put into perspective how sickening nuclear weapons are, and how we should strive for nuclear disarmament for every contry starting with the US. Also it's very sickening seeing Obama picture with his smug fucking face near the exit as he feigns support about disarming nuclear weapons, and nothing in order to move in that direction about it. What a piece of shit.

  14. Watch the WW2 videos of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, if the blast doesn't kill you, the radiation exposure will, and it's a brutal death !! You cook from the inside out, Truthfully you would want to die immediately, and our governments are entertaining this sh#t !!!

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