New York Times DEBUNKS Its OWN Fake News As It Tries To Control The Narrative About Trump Taxes

Tim, Ian, Lydia, and recurring guest Cassandra Fairbanks (@CassandraRules on Twitter) discuss the ways in which the NYT refines the art of propagandistic messaging.

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  1. The truth doesn't matter the idiot's already said it's a fact so thats that. Any moron should understand that Donald Trump paid more taxes than someone making 10 dollars in a year.

  2. 1:51 You cannot please criminals or extremist all they want is chaos.

    The BLUE needs to start supporting those who support them!

    Stop pandering to criminals. Defund RIOTERS and Fake News !! TRUMP 2020

  3. Lindsey and Mitch are establishment dirt bags. They're on their best behavior now, but get a deep state president back in office and they'll be sell us out again, just like they have always done before.

  4. Joe BuyDem has been in office on the tax payers dime for 47 years. Trump pays (at least) $750 on the year he was elected and donated his entire presidential income.

    They are not the same.

  5. I really don't get the dislike for Lindsey Graham and Mitch McConnell. I mean, FFS they've been a couple of the biggest champions for Trump in the Senate and finally stepping up to take on the democrats. If they're gone, who's going to be standing up to the democrats with the weight they have?

  6. That's stupid, read the next paragraph. For example, if my employer withheld income taxes off my paychecks and filed it with the IRS for $20,000, and I later offset that liability by $19,250 during tax filing using tax credits and deductions, I PAID $750 in taxes. It would take some insane mental gymnastics to say I paid the IRS $20,000 in income tax because I technically did. Just because Trump left the money with the IRS to cover "potential taxes in future years," THAT DOESN'T MEAN HE PAID THOSE TAXES. He can ask for all of it back in the form of a refund ANYTIME (assuming he is not under audit for improper deductions and credits). I just debunked your video.

  7. there is a saying that goes: "lie lie that something stays", even if you get caught lying, most people only remember the first version of a story, not bothering to wait for confirmation afterwards.

  8. Someone said that NYT MIGHT (meaning it is a possibility) be legally ok to read Trump's tax information, but are in the legal wrong publishing the information.
    NYT might have committed a few crimes in this story and it could start when they got their hands on Trump's tax information.

  9. Trump is land and property rich like Ted Turner. And because I got returns on my taxes at the end of the year does that mean I didn't pay taxes throughout the entire year. NOPE.

  10. What gets me is the Left is against Trump for having more debt every year than income and for have loans come due and he paid them off. Meanwhile the left is happy to have the government spend more money than it has, but when the loans come due, they just spend more money.

    So all I can guess is the reason the left is angry is President Trump pays off his loans.

  11. In the debate Biden said he like gamed the system, cheated it, whatever and he's like ummmm government tax incentives. They wanted green stuff and new buildings so I did that and they gave me a discount. That's the opposite of cheating taxes!

  12. One thing that you might not fully understand is that most Republicans, especially the educated ones realize that the Republican party has failed and let the Democrats get away with murder for 30 to 40 years now. Republicans are much more sick of the two party system than any leftists or Democrats but at the same time we realize that that’s what we’ve been stuck with and the only other option has been to vote for somebody who’s definitely going to lose. We’ve been waitingFor decades for someone like trump to come along who could actually either force the Republicans to live up to their history the party that freed the slaves that passed equal rights legislation that made all Americans equal under the law and government and ended racist based violence which was a Democrat thing. But the Republicans have to want that as well they Need to want to reform the party and Congress and bring on term limits and get rid of the bureaucracies and the pay to play policies and the corrupt lobbyist power and control. Trump has done his job it’s the Republicans who are failing us and if they don’t get this nominee through in a few weeks and take back the house in this election, Then they’re just proving that they never will, this is probably the best time in history to run against a Democrat and they’re dropping the ball, and Lindsey Graham makes nice speeches in the right nice little reports that the media and everybody ignores but nothing ever happens. They need to have the capital police go arrest some of these criminals they need to have ethics committee demand people resign and remove people from the committees, the fact that Adam Schiff is still on any committee is a joke the fact that someone like AOC or Ilhan Omar ever got on any committee is a joke and Proof that the whole thing is a pay to play scam. I remember in the primaries there were some amazing Republicans trying to get the nominee here in Tennessee but the Republican organization won’t let them run, they have to have millions of dollars to bring in before they can get a nominee even at the state level, they’re just as corrupt as any other politicians and they’re putting their best people behind, they’re not trying to beat the Democrats they’re trying to play the system. At this point they’re proving that they’re all talk, if they don’t make a huge turnover in 2020 when the conditions are like they are right now then they’re never going to be able to and it’s time that they be replaced. There are some great Republicans and they’ll be welcome in the new party but people like mitt Romney and Lindsey Graham and these establishment Republicans who are just politicians playing the game need to go and I don’t think there’s been a better time in history to start a new party that might actually win. I know you’ll probably hate this but we need a party of Trump’s of politically correct patriots who love this country and are just gonna fight for the people and say screw the system and the bureaucracies and the deep state BS and choose to serve the people just because they’re good Americans and want to do what’s right. The republican party now has failed conservatives they always sacrifice and take the crappy end of the deal with the Democrats and let them get away with it. If I was president I shut down the government I wouldn’t sign a ridiculous budget and make them cut 25% in year one and not touch Social Security or social services they need to trim fat they need to get rid of non-essentials and bring back the federal government the only does with the people can’t do for themselves, anything else is not their job and none of their damn Business. Then I’d make them cut another 5% a year for five years and when the budget was cut in half at that point, then I’d see if we can cut it in half again and what that would take. We don’t need the feds telling us if we need a mask or not we don’t need the feds funding a bunch of liberal useless television networks were the Kennedy Center for the arts. If people want to fund the arts they will do it, If not it will fail an artist will have to be starving artists again and do it because they love it not because they get a bunch of free government money, I think the federal government should get out of education and teachers unions and I think we should cut off federal spending to universities and colleges and get rid of guaranteed student loans and make the schools figure out how to survive on what they can actually earn, I don’t care what anybody says there’s nothing at Harvard that’s worth $400,000 in less your goal is to become a corrupt politician or a corrupt doctor maybe. Most college is becoming irrelevant those courses can be done online and in most cases could be done for almost free for a couple thousand dollars, let them compete in the real world and people will go to the colleges that offer a decent education for a reasonable price. Anyway it’s time for government reform clearly and maybe it’s time for a new party, party of Trump’s

  13. The New York times used to be a well respected newspaper, but when Trump became president they had to ignore the news business and devote all their time and effort in to stopping Trump.

  14. The decorum vs. cronyism issue is one of the big challenges we have. People's focus on "how the president should act" often means you're voting for ACTORS as much as you're voting for someone who's CAPABLE. In fact, given the over-the-top theatrics of election season, it seems all the normal way of doing things does is whoever puts on the best performance.

    The debate's a great example: It shows you NOTHING that's of ACTUAL use in the Oval Office. No presidential administration I'm aware of found success or failure based on the ability to debate! One of the big boosts JFK got in the election was looking better in the nation's first televised debates than Nixon. But it was his ability to assess a situation, seek counsel, keep a cool head, and establish dialogue that kept the Cuban Missile Crisis from turning into World War Three. But we've told ourselves that that showmanship is important and people will go to great lengths to try to argue how that point because re-assessing the validity of the debates means re-assessing the validity of their own measures.

    Don't get me wrong. Trump's full of bluster and I'd say he's a bit of an asshole, too. When he was elected, our office agreed that, of all the things he might do wrong, his mouth was going to be the biggest threat to his administration. But, at the same time, the norms of the establishment involve a façade around a core that's starting to rot and needs to be reworked. But they would rather keep up the Potemkin Village than say "yes, we've got some issues, please pardon our mess while we make repairs" because that makes them feel safer than the idea of shifting how we do things.

  15. Truth be told…… USA got $750 per year, from someone who imagines he is worth billions and he made that fortune, working in the USA. There are a lot of tax credits and loop holes ( money being used to restore historic properties ect ect ) but in the end, he pays the USA virtually nothing. He gave the IRS millions to cover what he MIGHT owe those 2 years you mention….. but he then gets that back when the end of year comes and he files all his credits and loop holes and special deals. That is like you and me, having income tax taken off every pay day, and then at the end of the year, saying we were taking care of historic restorations ( can I write off my old house???? ) and then getting every penny back, except $750. Keep in mind, there are 20 years of his taxes being $0 going by the headlines out there. You are just pointing out 2 years where "he paid 5 million" He then got back all of the 5 million, minus……. $750.