New York Times Defends Julian Assange

When Julian Assange broke the shocking story about US war crimes in Iraq, his media organization, Wikileaks, partnered with major global news outlets like the New York Times, El Pais, Le Monde and Der Spiegel to share the news with a worldwide audience. Now, just a decade later, those news outlets are coming together to defend Assange and, in a joint open letter, call for the charges against him to be dropped.

Jimmy and The Convo Couch’s Craig “Pasta” Jardula discuss the case against Assange and how pathetic it is that the Times is only now coming around to expressing support for a fellow journalist who has been targeted by the full brunt of US state power.

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  1. I'm glad that they are FINALLY doing the right thing but this is insane. This man has been a prisoner and under threat for reporting facts, literally being a journalist has been criminalized it is horrifying. I hope he's released and compensated.

  2. Expect Chris Hedges to capitalize on this little nugget of news by making appearances on Jimmy's show, Briahna's podcast, Krystal Kyle and Friends, etc, etc … This is how he maintains his place in the Indy media food chain … ya see, he'll talk your leg off about Assange, Snowden, Donzinger and Ukraine so he won't have to comment on the passports, mandates, the related injuries, deaths and the larger issues of tyranny which are now in our face!

  3. They didn't just wake up and smell the coffee and decide to report on it. Approval was handed down from the top to print anything about him. They probably hate him.

  4. "The NY times is a piece of shit, fuckin' propaganda rag, run by billionaires in bed with the military industrial complex and the government." I love this man.

  5. The New York Times cowardice during their initial leaks about the nsa's dragnet of America populace in the early 2000's and their attacks on Assange to distance themselves from him in the 2010's should signal to anyone of intelligence that they're not trustworthy

  6. The New York Times defending him isn't good considering the NYT is a trash paper full of trash people – liars, actually. They just held Bankman-Fried up as a GOOD example in the finance world. If they want Assange released, I assume Assange is an evil person who should be buried under the jail.

  7. Der Spiegel is the same sh*t as the NYT. Getting paid by Bill Gates and making stories up if it fits the narrative or censoring stuff when it doesn't.

  8. This is bad news. The timing can only mean that Assange is about to be extradited to the United States, after which these papers will point to their 'objections' and claim their independence from the state through this brief objection, made far too late, and almost trivially stated.

  9. Keeping me sane… Thank You Jimmy! – “This is the New York Times. This is why we have a show. Because the New York Times is a piece of shit, fucking propaganda rag run by billionaires in bed with the military industrial complex and the government. And here’s how you know that… Read this fucking article”

  10. Jimmy…announce a free Julien Assange day and we will all pledge to not log into any social media or buy anything online on that day…if that doesnt work announce 2 days of protest …they will lose billions worldwide…if Rogan,Jones,Tripoli,Dore,and Musk pushed and advertised it it would be tens of millions in the U.S. alone…this issue crosses political,cultural,and racial lines

  11. if the NYT is defending Assange it can only mean that the fix is in and Assange will soon tragically die and the NYT and smugly assert that they were on the right side of history before he died

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