New York Times Says Critical Thinking is Bad and Begs You to Stay in an Echo Chamber

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  1. so is it getting around time to finally install and check out zeronet? mod piracy has been there for a while. I might grab some mods I been looking for if I decide to check out zeronet but I've been afraid of it being little used and a newer thing possibly having vulnerabilities I wouldn't consider. but basically zeronet makes what thepiratebay browser wanted to do possible. You can't cancel a site that's hosted partly or in whole on every user's systems. You also don't have to worry about losing access to the sites nor their content when hardware fails or liberty fails. Where they'll attack it will be making "illegal speech" laws, and then getting people for making it available as if they said it themselves, and then getting some users of something like zeronet (for hosting the content technically) and "making examples" with them to scare everybody else away from using it and corralling them back into their pigpens. Oligarchy bless the oligarchy.

  2. The alt tech is full of anti semitism. I think it's deliberately planted to vilify alt tech. I don't believe those kind of ideas are as popular as bitchute makes it seem. I don't know how to address this problem, but it is the major problem right now

  3. WOW! I read the article half-way and now I understand your Svengali powers.

    "Their tactic, as Mr. Caulfield noted, is to flatter viewers while overloading them with three-hour videos laced with debunked claims and pseudoscience, as well as legitimate information."

    D!%^!! Your 3 hour video had me for a moment. Well, for 3 hours, according to a NY Times author. You flattered me — by calling me a Clanker — that's why I couldn't resist you. For a while.

    But no more. So I'm going to put on my knit beanie and listen to Tim Pool take 20 minutes to deliver 7 minutes of content. (IRL, I listen to half of each of his videos. Overlord DVD, Thorias Unlimited and Awaken wtih JP are the only sites with enough jokes throughout.)

  4. It is totally mind boggling, that after the Nicholas Sandman incident, people still read/believe anything the msm says. Then again, people still fawn all over Fauci, and he even admitted to lying.. Of course it was 'for our own good', because of course he has the right to decide what is good for us. It's so hard for me to understand adults who just go along with all this shit. I could understand kids doing it, but grown ass adults letting other adults telling them how to think? Blows my mind.