New Yorkers Chant Support For Nazis In Ukraine

During a recent Manhattan rally for Ukraine, New Yorkers were recorded chanting “Azov! Azov! Azov!” – an outpouring of support for the Ukrainian neo-Nazi Azov Battalion which is currently battling the invading Russian army. Whether the crowd was aware of the Azov fighters’ extremist, fascistic beliefs is unclear, but it is certainly striking that no one seems to bat an eye when a crowd of people in the middle of America’s largest city loudly proclaims support for neo-Nazis.

Jimmy and American comedian Kurt Metzger wonder if this rally gives any insight into how so many Germans were led to go along with the Nazis in the 1930s.

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  1. I saw a video yesterday. It was shot in the first person. A Ukrainian guy allegedly "found a Russian bone in a tank" in this video. And then he made a video of how he cooks and tastes this bone. This is the Ministry of Health of the new. And from the old one – you will see how people were blocked and burned in Odessa. Ukrainian woman says that Russians are dogs. The national doctor of Ukraine urges subordinates to cut off the genitals of Russian prisoners.Isn't that fascism? It's not like the Russians filmed it, it was said on Ukrainian national channels.

  2. Thats what we do, arm assholes, to fight the other assholes, and then fight the assholes we armed, then pay to build all the assholes a new infrastructure to enrich our assholes that really started the conflict to begin with. Who are the REAL assholes? US!!!

  3. Your summary of the options to end this conflict is spot on. Negotiation skills are one of the most critical for any leader, and no one should ever support anyone who refuses to negotiate. Negotiations and compromise could have averted this war and saved many lives. And negotiating still can save lives by ending the conflict more quickly than combat will. Zelensky has done his people a great disservice by refusing negotiations with Putin before the invasion, and by ending negotiations with Putin more recently. He, along with Biden and others directing this stance, are responsible for the lives lost. It's truly unfortunate that these lives, each as important as Zelensky's is, don't matter to him or to the NATO leaders advising him.

  4. Nazis (National socialists) are NOT far right, they’re cousins to the communists – far right ideology is total anarchy not socialism

  5. I don't trust president zleezy more than I can throw him. He's bought and paid for by the oligarch who made his tv show then made him president. The same guy who paid the Azov brigrade and equipt them for his own personal army of nazis.
    Why are we helping Ukraine? They broke their treaty with russia and told them to fuck off. Ukraine started this war on purpose.

  6. The NY Governor allowed former governor to get away with murder. Now, silent in this protesting makes me wonder about her true agenda. Could say that about all Dems.

  7. Russia is once again doing the world a favour….fighting Nazis. Only this time the US, UK, France, Germany, Canada are arming financing and training Nazis. I mean how fucked up is that? no wonder they treat their people so badly! and the entire mainstream media are complicit and encourage the support of this. The MIC have zero morals. this is why they need to be vehemently opposed.

  8. Дорогие товарищи! В связи с неожиданными потерями среди наших генералов на Украине правительство России ищет кандидатов, желающих стать генералами. Опыт работы с Call Of Duty приветствуется. Пожалуйста, отправьте свое резюме в наш военкомат министерства обороны. Спасибо.

  9. This is the work of the evils worshippers, such as like freemasons, bilderberg froup members, rothchilds and rockefellers, kissingers, royal families, and many others. Due to us people being in ignorancy to God, many of this evil stuff happens. We don't understand it, which is really understandable, but all this bad happens mostly because we are not that close with God.
    This will be a teaching to every being on earth, a really huge one, to awake us from our reality. To also guide us all to safety, to freedom. Who will be saved? Dunno. Perhaps it all will be judged by how our actions says. Prevent doing bad, for that is how the evil can invade you.
    The truth is close, for all of us to be seen.

    The evil will vanish from this planet from this world, pretty soon. See book of revelation, and use your imagination to figure out why it will lose, rather fast actually.

  10. Just so you know it’s coming out that the Truckers were led by Nazis and I never supported them but I don’t support the war in Ukraine either at least not NATObeing involved. In fact I understand Russia. I’m not sure they had a choice.q

  11. Sign In
    American Nazis in the 1930s—The German American Bund
    In the years before the outbreak of World War II, people of German ancestry living abroad were encouraged to form citizens groups to both extol “German virtues,” around the world, and to lobby for causes helpful to Nazi Party goals. In the United States, the Amerikadeutscher Volksbund, or German American Bund, was formed in 1936 as “an organization of patriotic Americans of German stock,” operating about 20 youth and training camps, and eventually growing to a membership in the tens of thousands among 70 regional divisions across the country. On February 20, 1939, the Bund held an “Americanization” rally in New York’s Madison Square Garden, denouncing Jewish conspiracies, President Roosevelt, and others. The rally, attended by 20,000 supporters and members

  12. I personally think that the Nazi are the ones whom formed the bi sexual mafia in this country.
    They sorta tested the water in modern day society with the whole LGBT community movement. You may notice how the azof battalion boast it only took ten percent of society to infulance the rest of Ukraine society into a war.
    If you have not noticed a small portion of the gay community can make sure they envelop media and positions that put themselves in our faces though out our every day lives. They feel eventually they will be accepted. Same thing with the Nazi.
    Why would they not turn out to be one in the same. It is kind of a fact that closet gay men were common in hitlers army/ movement. I find it funny how I myself, never really had a bias twords gay people. Till they started turning up every were in my every day life. I still do not want to be bias twords them. but I find the whole gender debate offensive.
    Did not joe Rogan just do a segment about how every known failed civilizations failure, began with gender issues within there society.

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