New Yorkers Protest at the Australian Consulate in support of Australia

New Yorkers have marched to the Australian Consulate in the United States of America today in support of Australians fighting for their rights and freedoms in Australia. The crowd can be heard chanting “save Australia” as they carry Australian flags through the streets of New York. The protest is a part of an ongoing series of protests in New York against vaccine mandates & passports.

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Written by Real Rukshan


  1. I’m so over this scam. How much are the drug companies giving to those keeping this shit going.
    I’m a grandad since April and can’t get interstate to see her.

  2. Respect we have been locked down 200plus days 5kms!!!!
    I can’t say no to vaccinate can’t get blood tests can’t can’t do anything!

  3. I'm Australian, my wife is American & we are here in Melbourne. Thank you Rukshan for bringing this to international eyes. Thank You to the American's for loving Australia & Australians. We thank you for you're support. We need help here Australia is crying out S.O.S. many are resisting, many are trying to stand up, but sadly too many blind & terrified & don't even know their rights. Basically…."She'll be right mate" got us here.

  4. Thank you so much Rukshan for all you do, and to all those around the world thinking of us as we also think of those around the world experiencing this tyranny bs…
    May God help the people of the world beat these satanists!

  5. WOW!! Never in my 44yrs of being a travelling aussie and serving with US forces during time in the ADF have I seen US citizens wave our flag and protest for our civil rights!! This is amazing but extremely embarrassing to see the US and the Polish protesting…on our behalf, because our corrupt politicians and criminal police choose to try to kill us in a communist coup rather than have the balls and integrity to stand by and protect the rights men like me served this nation to protect.

  6. WHY aren't the U.S. or Britain running to the aide of the Australians? Australia is in crisis : the police are killing the people. Why is this tolerated?

  7. God bless Australia and the USA. Allies we are forever. Let's all band together and defeat the Beast that is trying to take our Freedoms and liberties away from all of us.

  8. As an Aussie grandma I am moved to see fellow humans standing up for what is going on, not just here in Australia but in the western so called democratic countries.

  9. thanks USA for caring ,locked down with Curfew ,Over two hundred days our countries fought in wars to rid the world of this type of tyrannical rule and our government has let this loose on us shame on them

  10. You have a lot of support from the UK too. The world sees what's going on, and the people of the world will stand together.Remember, there are more of us than them – even if they have guns. We need to fight like our lives depend on it, because they do. Stay strong.