New Zealand Authorities Legally “Kidnap” A Child

Warning: Distressing Content.

New Zealand authorities have lawfully ‘kidnapped’ a child from his parents to forcibly perform a medical treatment on him when there was an equally valid treatment available that the parents supported.

Baby William required a blood transfusion which the parents agreed to as long as the blood was from unvaccinated donors. The parents had found suitable donors for the request yet NZ health authorities declined it.

The matter ended up in the courts which ruled in favour of the authorities. The judge said the parents would remain the guardians of the child but all health matters would now be determined by the State.

The Mother was not allowed to hold Will all night.

She was not allowed to cuddle him.

She was also not allowed to sleep all night, as she was told that if she did any of this, she would be forcibly removed back to the ward, from the pre-op room, and would not see the baby before the operation.

The traumatic way in which this situation has been treated does not make sense.

This video is confronting but it is the reality of what medical tyranny really means.

Written by Malcolm Roberts


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