New Zealand Breaks up One-Person Protest

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  1. shocking writing from the mail…. the large crowd understood to be in the thousands….. blah blah the large groups understood to be in the thousands

  2. As a nzer living in Australia I've found the hysteria of the boomers and gen x unbelievable. Whatever the news anchor says is their collective opinion.

  3. False positive? You make that up on the spot. It was 1 Detected case until they tested more. 26 covid deaths since covid started, how many u had?

  4. Can't these one-man protests just go for their legal daily exercise (what a sad phrase) and merely happen to be carrying their signage while exercising?

  5. Remeber when the western media was full of videos of the intermidant protests in Russia (where one person showed up, protested for 15min and another person came along and started protesting for that other person and so on and so on because it's illegal in Russia to protest more than 1 person or 15min) … how did we get here

  6. Merriam Webster Dictionary defines Anti-Vaxxer as –
    : a person who opposes vaccination or laws that mandate vaccination

    So it's not a slur, it's a definition. You can be for all vaccines, including the covid ones, but being against mandates makes you an Anti-Vaxxer

  7. Meanwhile NZ national media have been busy posting puff pieces on Jacinda's homelife.
    She is, in fact, really awesome. It's really quite uncanny how….

    …awesome She is

  8. Horses are used in the same way. They you make a fist so that they can’t bite your fingers off when pushing them away. And Carl spread the man punches horse FUD. I bet there will be no correction.

  9. The sad reality in NZ is people actually believe the government unemployment stats. Also inflation isn’t a thing. Thanks for covering this obvious bollocks.
    Another speech from El Presidente Jacinda today, clearly throws her department heads under the bus regarding responsibility. In one of her usual, it’s not me it’s them speeches. Just in case things look bad in the future for her UN leadership role. Looks very similar to the German high command buying one way tickets to Argentina, for reasons.

  10. For the American viewers, “turnover” in the UK refers to the income of a business, whereas in the US, turnover refers to how frequently employees have to be replaced due to quitting or being fired.

  11. "iT wAs OnE cAsE" why are you still saying this, it ballooned into 500 cases. Overall we've probably locked down the least of all countries cos we've been out and about for the last year no masks, everything normal. Until dumbass auntie Cindy opened the fucking border with those convicts in Australia. Our first lockdown was like 6 weeks and then we were mostly back to normal until now. Better than rolling lockdowns like everyone else.

  12. Glad NZ cops aren't like UK ones. "Oi mate what's going on here?"

    "Just having a little protest cuz"

    "Can u not bro?"

    "Yea alright, got a box of beers getting warm in the car anyway"


  13. All of NZ's economic data is bullshit. "Unemployment" is completely fake in that a massive amount of people sit on home collecting welfare and aren't included in that. China basically already owns NZ and once that little island prison collapses, the dragon will just swoop in and collect the debris.