New Zealand Devolves Into a Police State

Facial recognition:
Cops can enter your house any time:

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  1. "Years ago they will remember someone like me much more fondly than some Karen that's sitting there whining about how you wanna kill grandma"
    They always think history will remember them fondly, when in reality they are just another "muh satanic videogaimss". They will be remembered as example of mass hysteria of our time

  2. Yep I thought it was a peaceful place when I was younger. I wouldn't bother now. Death toll from COVID was only in the double digits and they still went in to lockdown.

  3. New Zealand ain’t a police state. We certainly are leaning in that direction due to current leadership but she’s getting voted out next time round. One thing Americans commenting on NZ should understand is NZ doesn’t have a gun culture like America. Most that own guns here are either farmers or hunters. We don’t own guns generally for self defence as we don’t need too. Having said that Jacinda Ardern totally pissed off 1.5 million gun owners here for really absolutely no reason. The shooting in Christchurch wasn’t a gun issue it was an immigration issue. Who the fuck let that nutter into the country? Anyway as for the police state, no ones kicking in doors taking people away for no reason. Anyone found breaking the lockdown rules were given warnings. A couple of people were locked up for a few hours but they too were given 7 warnings each I believe before being locked up. Don’t believe the hype. There is a massive silent majority of NZers that will be coming out in force to vote out this current leadership in NZ. The people still have our freedoms here.

  4. "strictly voluntary"
    try to go shopping in the north eastern states without a mask. i tried to go in to a Walmart in Pennsylvania so my son could go to the bathroom and they denied us entry because we didn't have masks on…… we peed in their parking lot. fracking yankees.

  5. What rights?
    New Zealand Bill of Rights Act 1990
    4. Other enactments not affected

    No court shall, in relation to any enactment (whether passed or made before or after the commencement of this Bill of Rights),—

    (a)hold any provision of the enactment to be impliedly repealed or revoked, or to be in any way invalid or ineffective; or

    (b)decline to apply any provision of the enactment—

    by reason only that the provision is inconsistent with any provision of this Bill of Rights.

  6. See “Late Victorian Holocausts: El Nino Famines and the Making of the Third World” by Mike Davis. Chinese emperors were well aware of the cyclical nature of weather and prepared for periodic crop failures by storing grain and then maintained the pre-famine prices of the grain. Any famine in China was exploited by the Islamists, who continually seek to overthrow all nations. El Nino and La Nina climate oscillations are reality and were seriously discussed in the media a couple of decades ago, but now this is replaced by the fiction of “global warming. See “Kabatoff” in Google Groups.

  7. That Mualim-sucking Jacinda thing is pure totalitarian evil. The Kiwis now have a short window in which to get rid of the thing or lose their country to islamic gang-bangers forever.

  8. This is a trial run for what sort of crazy bullshit the tyrants of our world can get away with next time.

    We’re one subtle bioweapon release away from the Fourth Reich, brought to you by CNN and WalMart.

  9. Parts of Australia are headed this way; in Melbourne, my hometown, restaurants will need to take the names, phone numbers and addresses of patrons should they want to sit in for a meal or drink. That is textbook witch hunting backed by a Stalinist mentality.

  10. I live in New Zealand. Omg ? this maddness. Lol.
    I appreciate why people in the states might be paranoid about stuff, cause their government is corrupt as heck. But NZ politics is such a small scale – our economy is tourism. Not manufacturering,
    We don't have the first amendment here ok. We have a culture that doesn't believe in guns. We don't want want to become the states – that's why they pulled the guns. Not because they are trying to strip is of freedoms. We don't want to become like the states.

  11. New Zealander here: you do not have a fucking clue what you're talking about.
    We have never had -as you euphemitsically put it – "relatively strong self defence laws", we've always had very very strict gun laws, even for hunting.

    Stop lying you total grifter, and please, do not visit.

  12. It was inevitable. I thought New Zealand had Australian-style gun laws all along.
    They vote to the left, their rights aren't constitutionally protected, of course they're going to lose their freedoms.

  13. And NO one is noticing that the steep bump curve chart of Corona virus attack and the Flattened Curve chart have the same area underneath them (i.e. the same number of cases and deaths)!! To get Herd Immunity a group MUST go through lots of cases and deaths (it seems). The idea of flattening the curve was NOT to save everyone from the virus! It was to not overwhelm the health care system. Now the lame stream media and all of the media has morphed this into NO ONE EVER should get the virus. Impossible… Unless, of course, we ALL stay at home forever (and that won't work either…). And I am one whom the virus will attack most viciously, a 73 year old with comprimised immunity (from two of my meds…), and it is clear to me what must happen… I guess China finally got a good one to let loose… Took a number of tries for sure. They seem to have been at it a while.

  14. The pedos from America and Europe have been fleeing to NZ and building compounds there for the past 3 years. They had to take guns away from the public to make sure they'll be safe there. It wouldn't look good if they all moved to Israel so they have to spread out infest all the white countries.

  15. Please bring a police state to the U.S.
    But make it a right-wing one.
    To paraphrase a recent quote:
    China may have a state-run press, but the U.S. has a press-run state.

  16. Wrong, mon frere. Great leader. They handled Covid-19 tremendously. Average person very happy there. And, bullshit on Sweden. Mortality rate high, numbers keep growing. This guy is quite opinionated and often full of shit.

  17. Well this video was pretty prophetic – 3 months in advance. First families of citizens to be forced from their homes and marched into trucks to camps happened this week August 14th 2020.

    I love this quote from the minister in the above video (see report below) regarding the first families to be shipped off to quarantine this week – “Bloomfield said there had been some initial reluctance from the families involved but this had not lasted.”

    It would be interesting to see a phone video of the gestapo arriving and departing!

    Also, what happens when they have 2,000 cases?