New Zealand PM Runs Off & Hides When Challenged with REAL Questions

Jacinda Ardern only likes questions from her minions at the “accredited media”.

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  1. The government is supposed to be accountable and transparent, that's why they call them the "Press" when they ask questions like this to get direct answers on topics that the politicians were vaguely speaking about for clarification.

    Not answering legitimate questions and shutting down the press to avoid legitimate questions is the mark of a totalitarian.

  2. Israel has the most vaccinated population on the Planet. Also! the most infected. The sht doesn't work. "Oh well its because of people like you who are unvaccinated". Well, if your crap worked what do you care. "It only works if we both get it". Simply NOT TRUE, you can still get it. If this is the case, then at this point, it ceases to be effective on ANY virus. FUN FACT! nearly every filthy politician on the planet has their grubby hands all over Pfizer and Moderna Stock. So I would think they have a vested interest in everyone getting YES it's FREE! for you and me, not to the government. Someone somewhere is and always will be making a killing off the demise of average people. NO one makes anything for FREE.

  3. Jacinda Ardern enters the chat

    Jacinda Ardern: "We are ALL actually completely on the same page when it comes to driving vaccinations rates''

    Journalist: Yo, what's up with Israel?

    Jacinda Ardern leaves the chat

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