New Zealand’s Woke Native Science

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  1. If this is real science and is so great then why should the Maoris keep it under their control? They use European science all the time so they should stop using ours or share theirs with us.

  2. An update from NZ – The ethno facists won on this one. The academics involved that raised serious concern and complaints have either been censured, silenced or are being removed. Also similar ethno facists are now setting up road blocks in Northland to usurp policing authority. Our police are weak as cats piss anyway unless your a tax paying contributing member of society inwhich case the will blow the door in on your house and shoot your dog.
    And I am Maori this shit if fucking me off to the point of leaving. I'm an engineer and my partner is an ICU nurse.

  3. Back when I was taking undergraduate Anthropology we called it Traditional Enthnographic Knowledge (TEK). As per usual this idiocy is a combination of throwing the baby out with the bathwater and a degree of cultural Guardianship. Yes, TEK is a cumulative collection of knowledge built over generations that has been tested in a strictly darwinian method, however TEK is bad at explanations and no one really wants to be the volunteer to test if that mushroom is edible, psychotropic, toxic, or some combination of the three under the right circumstances. I remember asking "how did people learn what plants are harmful and what plants are beneficial?" The Prof responded bluntly, "they tested carefully through observation, and a lot of people died testing it." In classic form this is an all or nothing ontological attack rather than an opening of dialogue, funny to see it happening the other way again. How the pendulum swings.

  4. "It is fitting then for us not to be ashamed to acknowledge and assimilate [science] from whatever source it comes to us. For him who scales the truth, there is nothing of higher value than the truth itself – it never cheapens nor abases him."
    Al-Kindi would disagree with these New Zealand communist hippies who wish to destroy modern science because they think it is western and racist. The Japanese, Chinese and South Koreans clearly don't think science is an exclusively European endeavour.

  5. "How does the Shaman call the lightning??" (
    UCT Scientist – Aggressive fallist from the "Shackville TRC" claims science must be "done away with entirely" and "start over again.") – 2016 was a hell of a year. We laughed at this then, who knew the New Zealand government would look at this and think "Yes this needs to be introduced at the university level with the other hard sciences". 🙃🙃

  6. Woke science… More like Anthropological warfare. That's what this really is. Bending a tribes culture and traditions to be controlled absolutely. It takes a few generations to work, but its been around for a long time. It is used for the sole purpose of putting one tribe against another.

  7. Would it be classed as a knowledge geared for survival, hence, Culturally derived survival knowledge. You know, like don’t step on a crack or you’ll break your mothers back ( meaning if you trip on uneven ground and hurt yourself your mother will be the one busting her arse till you heal)

  8. I would think they’re the same as the religious lot we have here in the UK .as soon as they are ill or there is an emergency they are straight past their place of worship to a hospital or a doctor faith goes out the window

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