Newport News Shipyard employees protest vaccine mandate

Newport News Shipyard employees protest vaccine mandate

Written by WTKR News 3


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  1. There is a war in the unseen worlds right now behind the veil. There is a spiritual war against the inevitable evolution of consciousness (energy, you) which is the awakening and re-membering self. Re-membering that the whole is one and one is you. Universal laws, Common law, Unalienable Rights & The organic national Constitution of the Republic of the United States of America anno domini 1787 and the Articles of Amendments anno domini 1791 all stand for your God given Rights that cannot be dwindled, signed over or submitted under fraud, contracts, or verbally, Rights granted before the creation of STATE, CORPORATION (HJR-192 signed June 5th 1933).

    IAM not religious nor hold and affiliations with any political party nor artificial fictional CORPORATE entities (Penhallow v. Donate 3 Dall 55 1943).

  2. Can't wait till the Left is runned out of the offices they stole by rigging election and their destruction of our rights like North Korea the Left behaves like Nazism-Heracy over a shot and we will not comply our body our choice.

  3. So now you Banned from Everything.
    I guess soon unvaxed will be worse than Criminals…or they just throw you in JAIL… Now Pharma companies and Governments working together to take your Money your Freedom and your Life..😷

  4. Mandating a vaccine is wrong. Just to put things into perspective, It’ll be like giving an unlimited supply of cigarettes to someone old enough to work (16yrs old & up) and saying light up. “Do so or else you’ll be fired”

    Me: “C’mon man!”

  5. These are the same Americans that say China is a communist's country. What will you now say about America? to me they are both the same type of country just one is outspoken with it and the other hides its communistic values below the surface. Use Critical Thinking People

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