News Calls Larry Elder Racist, Dave’s Reaction Is Priceless | Adam Carolla | POLITICS | Rubin Report

Dave Rubin of The Rubin Report has been off grid with no access to news, social media, or his phone since July 31st. Watch Dave’s priceless reaction when guest host Adam Carolla tells him that the LA Times claimed that Larry Elder is the face of white supremacy. Is this proof that he is winning the California Governor recall race against Gavin Newsom?

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  1. Your problem is ( USA) is that you have a moronic majority populace who simply cannot wrap their collective uneducated heads around these simple facts, put simply they are unable to join the dots

  2. I'm Hispanic, and if I criticize Hispanics and call them out, am I a racist? Spare me please, Elder is not a racist, he calls it like it is!! I hope he defeats that weasel!!

  3. Just look at Chicago every weekend….tell me who is the greatest threat to our country…..I can't seem to find the white supremists that guy Joe Biden keeps talking about…change my mind.

  4. Who do you blame, the highly motivated media that has no interest in curbing their bias, or the millions of ordinary people that give them credence? At some point you have to start holding people accountable for being drinking the kool-aid.

  5. The minorities are used by the left, everywhere in the west, like ethnic minorities were used by colonial powers in Africa and elsewhere during the XIXth century: they'll put them in charge as long as they are good auxiliaries and don't go against everyday business.

  6. Wishing you hope as God's hand will lead CA's future. Hope you chose to listen to this prophectic sayings of CA. First segment pertains to CA. "45 Lays His Crown Down Before God with Veronika West on Truth Unveiled." via youtube.

  7. I like Larry Elder too and Dave Rubin is one of my heroes, but I know Gavin and I stand by Gavin. He's done so much for California and the nation. I believe it's disrespectful to attempt to recall Governor Newsom, especially at the end of his term.. Gavin's an honorable man.

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