News of a US Navy ship ‘swarmed’ by a ‘fleet of drones’ emerges

A US Navy ship was “swarmed” by a fleet of drones, according to former Australia-China Council scholar Andrew Phelan.

“It’s emerged recently that a US Navy ship was approached by a swarm of drones,” he told Sky News host Chris Smith.

“Now, China’s the global king in merchant marine … it’s also the king of drones – of drone making.

“And so, when they’re looking at future technologies that might be deployed in times of war.

“Then these are the things that we need to anticipate in the future.”


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  1. What kind of tabloid journalism is this? Trying to link China to the drones that swarmed a US ship 3 years ago by claiming they are the king of drones and shipbuilding, therefore there could be no other possible explanation. That is a weak link created by a weak mind. Firstly, they are not the kings of drones. They have one company that dominates the consumer drone market, but the drones that swarmed the ship were not consumer drones. Secondly, US drones are much more technologically advanced. If any country was responsible for swarming the US Navy ship, it's likely the US itself trying out new secret tech. It's been done before. Sky News has sunk to a whole new level of low.

  2. Anyone else remember that old school star trek where basically war turned into people walking into a vaporizer when their name came up because both sides decided it was better than destruction of the infrastructure?

  3. This is a concerning situation. China does want Taiwan in its grasp. And Australia is a very resource-rich continent. China is already exploiting areas of Africa and it could develop the power to overwhelm Australia. Hopefully that will never happen and that aggression from China can be discouraged or contained.

  4. Okay. So no details on the drone swarming. No explanation how they got there. With a population projected to decrease by half every 10 to twenty years, perhaps all they'll have are drones in the end.

  5. For the last hundreds of years China and Asean live peacefully together.
    It is the West that brought warships to this region and continue sending their warships into this region. The West is the Threat!. Not China.

  6. BIDEN son and AND BIDEN sold u.s secrets to China. The United STATES OF America is now a 3rd world CORPORATION. AMERICA has never EVER been a country or a nation. Stop lying TO your dumb self. SLAVES are CALLED EMPLOYEES. INDENTURED SERVANTS are CALLED TENANTS. Duh slavery is like toothpaste. NEW AND IMPROVED. UNDER NEW WORLD ORDER MANAGEMENT. DUMB ASSHOLES

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