NFAC protest accidental shooting #2 10/3/2020 [full video]

Nation in Turmoil

Multiple shots fired at NFAC at downtown Lafayette protest. One man arrested for accidental discharge of a firearm and being a felon in possession of a firearm. No life threatening injuries reported

Bayou Lonesome

Written by Bayou Lonesome


  1. It's weird- how they hate white people and cops until they need them to do real security and EMS everytime one of them gets shot by a negligent discharge.

  2. The guy with the yellow head dress
    “The shot came from the parking garage”
    -As his back was turned to the shooting in the video ?

  3. Can anyone tell me why the audio with gun shots seems different than in the beginning. Seems like someone edit them in with the actual video recording cause u hear the 2 shots then sounds like someone is definitely running which the camera man was not. Then it goes quite and audio returns with what seems like actual audio from now the camera man . Anyone else notice this ???

  4. So one of their own who is a felon with a firearm shoots another member and then screams of how that is "our" fault are screamed over the PA system. We are the ass holes and they are better than us, etc.

    Always pointing the finger elsewhere instead of where it belongs. These people are dangerous to themselves and all around them because they lack in so many ways. Quit blaming other people for your own internal issues. Quit blaming your own shooting on others.

    If that were an attack there would have been a lot more casualties and you still scattered like a bunch of cockroaches rather than react in a tactical fashion…Highly trained, highly disciplined veterans my ass. One of these times you are going to hit someone else other than one of your own with your incompetent accidental discharges and your going to cause something we will all regret.

  5. Sounds like someone needs some training from the NRA or any other gun safety classes. Trigger finger should never be on the trigger unless you are ready to shoot.