NFL Coach FINED $100K For Comparing Jan 6 to BLM Riots | Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar

Krystal and Saagar weigh in on the decision by the Washington Commanders to fine Defense Coordinator Jack Del Rio 100K for his comments comparing Jan 6th to BLM

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  1. The blm riots literally attempted to steal land from the US, make their own nation, created armed borders, segregated gardens, and killed multiple people.

    The blm rioters intentionally followed trump supports and killed a few and caused over a billion in property damage.

    They showed up to Wisconsin to destroy a small town when they were dead wrong on the facts and tried to ruin a kids life for defending himself.

    1 person died Jan 6th and it was a trumper who was shot. Fucking pathetic on the NFL for this

  2. Completely disagree with Kristal and of course agree with the rational minded Saager. How does Jacks comment even offend, it’s a fair question…shouldn’t even be controversial…look at just one of the BLM protests at the CHOP/CHAZ zone that turned into a riot, then an actual insurrection were actual innocent people were killed, businesses destroyed, and city blocks were taken over for almost a month. Jan 6th was like 3 hours where one rioter was killed by a capital policeman..where is the left to defend that person killed by the capital police officer? Not of the other deaths that are being framed towards Jan 6th had any connection…if they did then you could say BLM RIOTS accounted for hundred of thousands of dead life’s (from after effects like suicides, crime related deaths, economic status of city following a riot, COVID deaths yah those would count right winky face…ect). Come on people.

  3. Krystal says you should be allowed to express your political views, coaches and players alike. Then says the Right has no right to express the lefts POV is not something they agree with. I thought expressing your political views included your disagreement with the other side. So which is it Krystal, you can or can’t express your political views?

  4. Kaepernick carried a team to the Super Bowl and was blacklisted in his prime. Any friend of Saagar’s that said that happened because “he’s not that good” knows less about football than Saagar, or is just blowing smoke.

  5. Colin was getting blowback from fans for protesting while at work and directly performing a service for those fans, he didn’t get any blowback from his actual bosses nor receive a ridiculous 100k fine!

  6. Crystal makes a lame point, comparing this to Kapernick. There is a world of difference between expressing your personal political views during your own time and on your own personal Twitter account vs kneeing during the anthem at the football game you’re getting millions of dollars to play in. The players were demonstrating political views during game time. That’s not the place to be spouting political views and offending half the country. NFL is horrible. And so is her logic.

  7. Nothing new here, an individual says something that goes against the deep state narrative, The deep state gets mad and decides the coach needs to be punished for standing out of line, Republicans and Democrats alike that are supposed to represent the people do absolutely nothing because they're worthless

  8. I would challenge S & R to bring on someone like Coleman Hughes to talk about BLM, if they really, as they claim time and again, care more about truth than the legacy media.

  9. So basically this news headline should have been NFL levies fine to silence head coach. The whole agenda now is to keep people away from knowing what other people really think. If we all could just speak freely, we would see we are all pretty much on the same team on most matters. We can’t know this or they lose everything

    And if anyone is familiar with hypocrisy-it would be Krystal

  10. Dear Saagar, Your "football" friends don't know football. The idea that Kaepernick couldn't qualify for some team's 3rd string quarterback is preposterous. Tom Brady — who does not in any way share Kaepernick's politics — acknowledged as much, along with many other prominent players and analysts.

    What Colin Kaepernick and Jack Del Rio's actions do have in common is that in both cases their behavior was incendiary to a significant segment of the fan base.

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