NFL Gets Woke Goes Broke, Crowd BOOS BLM Protest, Ratings DROP To TEN YEAR LOW

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  1. HA, the NBA is like a minor league engagement now with tacky advertisements all over the court, pathetic but thats what you get when you chase off all your fans. Looking forward to seeing cheap add banners all around the NFL fields this season as teams scramble for revenue.

  2. Taking a knee to the flag during the National Anthem for any reason is disrespectful to our Veterans, their families and ALL who gave the ultimate price to defend it. The NFL players had the opportunity and the means to make a difference and did nothing except take a knee. All I have seen since this begun was men who make millions putting on a show about inequality by kneeling but when the cameras are off so is their fight for inequality. Our Brave Men and Women who believe in freedom, justice and equality continue in their fight to make a difference even when the camera is not rolling. Our armed forces consist of all races. genders. and religions working together demonstrating true unity, equality and justice for all. We need to stand behind our brave men and women and together show the NFL organization and the world that – OUR FLAG, OUR NATIONAL ANTHEM AND OUR BRAVE WILL BE HONORED AND RESPECTED. If you are at a crossroad wanting to boycott ALL games after listening to this letter and the disrespect shown to America's True Heroes by the NFL organization but the thought of not watching any football games is unthinkable, please do me one favor and reach out to a Veteran, a Fallen Hero's family or visit your local VA Hospital before you make your final decision.

  3. Jason Whitlock has stood up for unity with integrity against this before and he has again. He's one of the few on sports news that didn't bow down and shill out.