Nicaragua’s top health advisor on confronting Covid: “the way to face this was to keep working”

Max Blumenthal interviews Sonia Castro, lead advisor to the President of Nicaragua, Daniel Ortega, on the Sandinista government’s response to the Covid-19 pandemic. Castro explains why, despite heavy criticism, her government did not follow World Health Organization guidance to lock down the population and instead kept schools and businesses open. She also discusses her government’s guidance to prescribe off-patent early treatments against Covid and its ongoing, Cuban and Russian-assisted national vaccination campaign. This interview was conducted in Managua in February 2022.

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  1. She is describing what a proper caring government should do when there is an epidemic and not call it a case of bad FLU or use bleach to fight the disease, this put to shame all those arrogant and full of Hubris Western Governments that had the highest numbers of deaths or can they lie about that as well???.

  2. Apparently it takes one of the poorest countries in the world to show us how public health ought to be done. What I liked best is their attitude about sharing information and building trust. In the US, doctors are discouraged from sharing information with their patients or each other. So many doctors tell their patients absolutely nothing, fearing that the patient will misuse the information, fearing they'll later get sued, fearing they'll get sanctioned by their medical association, their hospital or colleagues.

    Trust is low in the US. Talking about treatment gets portrayed as a political move, and if you question conflicts of interest, oh what a dirty partisan move! I'd laugh if it wasn't so sad.

  3. No matter where one subs to TGZ it doesnt show-up in your feed (at least that's my experience). The activist and informed internet is a proactive process. Great job, Max & co.

  4. ..I may not be correct but I think THE main problem in it is MASSIVE CORRUPTION of ALL POLITICIANS AND PUBLIC SERVICE DEPARTMENTS … huge money are behind the worldwide scare mongering campaign …as some sad "fear porno" … instead of using common sense approach THEY the ruling officials use THEIR PERSONAL GREED over public safety …all of them should be in front of public court and be tried by the people who suffer most

  5. Biden is upset that she did not follow the American model of private Insurance. So by oppressing her people, America's Military Industrial Complex and the MSM will have to bring some Democracy to Nicaragua. Watch out Sonia they will be coming for you shortly.

  6. Good stuff. Lockdowns had nothing to do with "flattening the curve" and everything to do with a social experiment of a curfew regime that is soon to be implemented on a regular basis (probably).

  7. Wow!! This was amazing!! I speak fluent Spanish so I was able to follow exactly her words not having to rely on translation. She kept referring to prevention and proximity with the community. House to house visits (compare this with only communicating through mass media!!), targeting mainly the most vulnerable, organization and coordination at a government level in order to have all the supplies available, etc. This was great. HOWEVER, you have to keep in mind, Nicaragua doesn’t have massively crowded urban centres as say the US, Brazil, China, Mexico and others. Nicaragua’s population and way of living still keep a huge percentage of agrarian population. This type of society is always better prepare to stop epidemics if at the same time they have a revolutionary government.

  8. The last time I was in Nicaragua, it was during the 1990 election, pretending to be a "mainstream" journalist (false accreditations…) and mingling with the journos in the hotel Intercontinental, where they all stayed, listening and observing how the news narrative was "made"… I saw the US embassy's attaché breifing them in the lobby (they pratically never left the hotel). I saw first hand how the fake news was made and sent out around the world. I heard Jesse Helms blackmailing the population into voting for the US backed candidate (Violeta Chamorro). I realized how little the journos knew about the country and the history and how little they actually cared (just doin' a job). Since then, I NEVER trust a mainstream narrative when it comes to a targeted country.

  9. Capitalism makes society sick and generally weak so that it can be controlled by fear.

    18:54 was quite the dodge by her. Sounds like they don't really know, and if some vaccines seemed to work better than others, that might be due to the different point in time.

    Nicaragua's Covid statistics are a low extreme. But this could to some degree also be a result of a population not weakened by a pharmafia-ruled system. Socialism not only enables solutions to problems but also avoids problems from occuring in the first place so that said solutions aren't even needed.
    And vitamin D deficiency would not be a problem either.

  10. Un Mensaje a la Gusanera Cubana y los Bocabajo de Eddie López. Ayer se cumplió el aniversario 96 del nacimiento del Comandante Fidel Castro Ruz. Esos han echo a esa península una cloaca estercolero letrina asquerosa donde el genocida Juan Ponce De Leon buscando que una Fuente de la Juventud recibió una Flecha del Seminolas por el trasero. Tengan mucho cuidado.

  11. As far as the similar echo that if they got covid and were vaxxed their symptoms were manageable and kept them from hospitalization.. I don’t think anyone is doing the safety reporting and data collecting in Cuba or Russia on any vaccine. 🙁 it’s insane

  12. Great report Max, but a brief overview of Nicaragua's results – deaths/capita, hospitalizations, etc. would help a lot in knowing if they paid a price for their policies or if their was no or little difference in outcomes between Nicaragua and other countries. For all I know they had better outcomes than the US for example, but that info is missing here.

  13. I am struck dumb by the intelligence of this woman, their brilliant response to the pandemic, and in contrast, the complete incompetence of American "professionals'" response to it.

  14. It’s very simple! Nicaragua unlike the USA with their “Disaster Capitalism”, doesn’t produce nor use “Disasters” to rob it’s own economy and people! Nor do they use every emergency to enrich the “Billionaire elite”!
    And this is the reason why the world have turned their backs on them!
    Viva Nicaragua Libre!
    They fought the USA since the late 1800s and won, just like viva, Venezuela beat them, and they can’t take!

  15. Excellent! Loved this, although it would be nice to know more clearly what the actual outcomes and figures are. Uttar Pradesh (popn. 281million) smashed Covid with a similar approach. Makes you realise that the pandemic did not have to be this way.

  16. Interesting interview, thanks. I wonder why Western media and health professionals are so negative about Nicaragua. Is it so terrible to have a socialist government? Especially one with a grassroots movement?

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  18. Thank you youtube for allowing this to post. Keep allowing freedom of speech. Quit squelching options that go against the establishment!!!
    Be on the correct side of history.
    We will NVER forget!

  19. Why didn’t this health care advisor supply some detailed data on infection rates and Covid deaths. Also, all cause death comparisons should have been given from year to year. Still, this was a good interview.

  20. Let’s face it. We now all know this was a power move, conducted by the real global leaders. WEF/TransNatCorp’s etc. If you wanted to inflict as much damage as possible to every aspect of peoples lives, you would do what they did. If governments had done exactly NOTHING, it would have been better.

  21. Incredible eye opening interview. From Nicaragua, to the liberal/progressive leaders in Europe that kept public schools open the early in the pandemic, to Sweden, to Florida, we are seeing a much smarter response to the pandemic that was protective of the public's health, and that minimized the very harsh collateral damage done to children/teens, society and economic wellness of working people and lower income people.

  22. Y'all thinking this is a great video are nuts. This woman is wanted for crimes against humanity. Blumenthal is a cheap hack, a grifter who, along with his cadre of propagandists, does dirty cover-up work for authoritarian governments that kill, rape, murder, and kidnap innocent people. You should be ashamed of yourself, Max Blumenthal, but we know you sold your soul to the devil already, so go eff yourself already… this is just another failed whitewashing campaign.

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