Nice Try Democrats!! You Have NOTHING!


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  1. if Trump did something wrong how did Hillary Clinton not get arrested and sent to prison or why has the FBI not raided Obama's house he took paperwork like Trump so did Biden and George w Bush but nothing happened to them

  2. The left will celebrate until the fbi comes to do the same bs on them, cause you can bet the fbi will do as the crazy lib “bosses” say. No matter which side anyone aligns with the fbi raiding houses for no cause is a terrifying thing.


  4. There was only 1 of 2 ways this could really go. Either the biden administration reclassify trumps documents without his notice, consent or permission. Yes you must get permission to reclassify presidentially unclassified documents. OR his house/residence be targeted and rated as insufficient for whatever documents he did declassify. Its all 100% nothing sauce. A burger with no patty. Its a desperate ploy to push divisions, prevent Trump from running… sadly they cant even manufacture a good reason to stop trump. That tells you just how weak our government is.

  5. Welcome to Orwell’s 1984 ladies and gentlemen! We now have the Fascist Bureau of Instigation just making shit up to stop anyone who speaks out against them from speaking the truth. They literally just made things up just like they did in the Russia hoax. Are we really surprised?!

  6. Joe Biden is letting in enough illegal migrants that will vote for him. Oh and isis Islamic terrorists and MS13 members are crossing our southern border while the Joe Biden administration lies about the border being closed.

  7. It’s obvious that they’re in damage control mode, trying to recover damning evidence against themselves. Trump already vowed to bring everyone involved in Russia-gate to justice.

  8. These people are scared of Trump for some reason and it not just because he might run for president in 2024. The president doesn't have as much power as the media and politicians make it out to be. They are scared in my opinion for another reason

  9. The president of the United States get a very high security clearance once they get sworn in. Then once they leave office they don't lose there security clearance. It may not be as high as the sitting president but an ex present still keep there high security clearance

  10. I've heard so many cries of "WOLF" when it comes to Trump, that even if the FBI legitimately finds something there, I'll call BS. That's how dishonest our government appears to be in the eyes of its citizens (and voters), especially when it persecutes the same person for seven years now(?).

  11. They had nothing, yet drug the country through 4 years of hell over Russian collusion.
    They had nothing, yet tried to impeach him over a phone call.
    They had nothing, yet tried to impeach him AFTER LEAVING OFFICE for a patriotic speech.
    Now they have nothing but a blacked out document, but they'll still drag us all through the mud to try to keep him from running in 2024… because THEY KNOW HE'S GOING TO WIN.
    They have nothing, they are nothing, they're going to lose..
    L■■'S G■ B■■■■■N!

  12. Shouldn't Hillary Clinton be arrested and charged, for the breaking of these laws?
    Why did she get an FBI 'free pass,' while Trump has been attacked for having documents he had while POTUS?
    She is NOT protected under the PRA. She is NOT, nor was she EVER POTUS.
    No matter, the Library Of Congress has no power to request, issue, or enforce a warrant, for the search or seizure of a single paper, from the residence or office of the POTUS.
    Thirdly, the documents Trump had possession of, were declassified, 'by himself,' while he was still POTUS.
    The Left has gotten to the point, they believe their own media. It's their lies and they fell for them!

  13. WE THE PEOPLE know that the CORRUPT FBI/DNC/RINOS have NO EVIDENCE OF WRON DOING, it's a fact that the affidavit was complete redacted, if some wrong were found, it will be FRONT PAGE on all the CORRUPT FAKE NEWS MEDIA..🤣🤣🤣🤣

  14. Under toxic by TREASON, TRAITOR trump caused great divided America .A hitlerputin's puppy . Glad Democracy back after Jan/06/2021 . Thanks God SAVE America out of Tyrant King trump .Hopefully trump rotted in JAIL SOON.

  15. Everything will be unredacted during his trial. They need to protect the important sources the CBS report isn't that. This ogre has been a criminal since Nixon's AG investigated his father for discriminatory selection of tenants. How many times are you gonna give the don a reach around? What does he have to do before you stop sending him your money? You are in a cult and don't even know it… Vote 🔵

  16. The whole point of the FBI raid, just ahead of the midterm elections, was to poison the well, making Trump seem to be guilty, when the Democrats have no evidence of any crime.
    The FBI, DOJ, and the judge signing the warrant violated Federal law, and the 4th Amendment of the constitution (warrant was too vague), as well as the constitution itself (President's have plenary power to declassify government documents, and have executive privilege, which Biden illegally waived for Trump).

  17. I really think this article has ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■ and ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■! Let's Go ■■■■■■■!

  18. What is in Attach,ent B which they went their to seize? I’ve heard that it was all materials from his 4 years in office which is extremely broad and indicates the FBI is involved in phishing the former President

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