Nicholas Wade: the case for the Covid lab-leak theory

Freddie Sayers meets Nicholas Wade.

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The so-called lab-leak hypothesis for the origins of Covid-19 has been gaining more and more traction in recent months. Once dismissed as a crankish fringe theory, it has slowly been entering into mainstream scientific discussion. Just this week, America’s CDC Director said that it was ‘possible’ that Covid could have leaked from a lab as ‘significant circumstantial evidence’ emerges.

One analyst who has made a significant contribution to the debate is Nicholas Wade, a former reporter at the New York Times, who recently self-published a piece detailing how the lab-leak theory isn’t just a possibility, it is (in his view) the most likely explanation. Though there is no definitive evidence for either theory, Wade argues that the key details are easier to explain within the context of a lab leak origin, as he tells Freddie Sayers on LockdownTV.

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  1. Unconvinced. Virus has not been isolated for starters. Clear agenda in western nations to instigate the scamdemic for WEF societal, wealth and resource reset (bring greater control over money and resources into the control of small global elites) and bring in population control, genocide, eugenics etc. Why have governments fiddled the figures, faked the idea of asymptomatic transmission, stopped coroners doing their job, conflating deaths with and from covid positives, making up fake tests and manipulating their use, bringing in dangerous gene therapies, surpressing all counternarratives and countless facts from doctors, nurses that contradict the governments conspiracy thta their is a pandemic etc. etc.

  2. All scientist and staff of the Wuhan we're not been seen and around anymore, they are frighten to expose and participate in the investigation to find truth and some of them
    were been killed, skeptical !

  3. What is known :
    We know it originated in China.
    We know it came from bats only found within 200 km's of Wuhan.
    We know the virus spread via an intermediary i.e. it didn't come straight from bat to human.
    We know Chinese public health standards are appalling by western standards.
    We know western govts and WHO are desperately trying to divert from the China theory.

  4. According to the CDC website:
    Among 378,048 death certificates from 2020 listing COVID-19 only 5.5% listed COVID-19 without codes for any other conditions.

    Among 357,133 death certificates with at least one other condition, 97% had a co-occurring diagnosis of a plausible chain-of-event condition (e.g., pneumonia or respiratory failure), or a significant contributing condition (e.g., hypertension or diabetes), or both.

  5. What’s really eye opening to me is how many people just blindly believed Fauci, MSM and the WHO without an ounce of skepticism. Intelligent people! Now I understand how Nazi German happened. People just don’t want to hear the uncomfortable truths.

  6. It may well be a lab leak however it sounds like it was an American lab invention so therefore you need to consider whether it was USA or China who created it. Look up when the Military Games were in Wuhan and you will see it would have been easy for USA to have engineered this to try and reduce China's increasing world influence

  7. OMG, sigh. If you can sit through and watch this video, please also watch this video: it's a rebuttal by a group of virologists, microbiologists, and immunologists of the theory that sars-cov-2 came from a lab…anywhere. If you want to learn things and know things, please watch This Week in Virology (also available as a podcast). You'll be glad you did. Here's the original paper that establishes the evidence and reasoning for natural evolution of sars-cov-2:

  8. Follow the money…pretty simple really…the problem is that leads straight to a guy name Anthony Fauci…ever heard of him? Lol

  9. Regardless of the origin of this specific virus, there is no way the world should trust a corrupt, totalitarian state like the CCP to run anything like what is doing in this lab and others. In fact it might be that we shouldn’t be doing any gain of function “research” at all anywhere.

  10. From the beginning, every shred of circumstantial evidence pointed to the lab as the origin of the virus, yet the media, politicians, and academics tried to mislead the world by stating that a lab leak was out of the question and any inquiry into the lab hypothesis is conspiratorial. Why?

  11. "You can't test them on humans. That would be unethical." Is what the CCP does to the Uyghurs, or Fallon Gong, or Christians, ethical? This is a CCP lab. Open your eyes. Think.

  12. Furin cleavage gain of function? That waa to be expected. The troubling thing is the denial. More troubling still: the murderous decision to stop domestic travel while allowing international travel.

  13. Many experts support the 9/11 truthers. Only problem with the covid leak hypothesis is, does it actually mean we can now prevent future pandemics? The fact the USA did not follow its own pandemic plans makes it look silly trying to prove the Chinese stuffed up. Much more important to try and get it right next time. Remember, many experts believe the Spanish Flu started in the USA.

  14. Besides the furin cleavage site, the spike protein has 2 parts S1 which identifies ACE2 receptors and S2 which fuses virus to cell membrane. Also has a suspicious double CGG codon. Improbable that the virus could have naturally evolved with so many human specificities.

  15. I'm not a virologist but I became aware of this problem Xmas 2019/ early 2020 when reports were being highlighted by doctors and scientists in China that something was wrong. I was reading and watching videos of Chinese doctors at Wuhan Hospital expressing concerns that there was an unknown virus resistant to treatment. Further reports came to light of scientists suffering similar symptoms and it was spreading amongst the general population. I was watching government information videos of scientists capturing bats from specific caves 400 miles away and the scientists had to wear protective clothing as they could become very ill if they came into contact with bat blood or urine. Then as the weeks went by the doctors names were removed from their Hospital or lab employment records and their reports erased as if they never existed. At the same time I saw people videoing dead bodies on the streets, funeral homes stockpiling urns for funerals, and doors to flats being welded to stop people getting out. Things were getting worse by the day. Allegations from Chinese authorities claiming it all began in the local wet markets were hotly disputed by the workers who claimed they never sold bats and those particular bats lived 400 miles away , too far away to be caught. The refusal by the Chinese authorities to block the WHO from coming and the massive clean that was recorded clearly showed all was not well. The latest report from the WHO a couple of months ago, over a year too late, was a complete whitewash and not even Dr Tedros could accept the denials from his own people, that there was no evidence to support the claim the virus came from Wuhan. Didn't it turn out the spokesman representing the WHO , who was so vocal in denial, was in fact directly involved in the whole business from the USA! There is a terrible smell of corruption from virologists and governments who are covering their own backs whilst people are dying.



  18. All this does is raise more questions for me.

    1. What are P.DASAK's political views
    2. Why was he allowed to proceed with these obvious conflicts of interest.
    3. Would it have been possible for the Bat Lady if Sars-covid 2 was made in her lab to develop the different variants of concern we have seen around the world since.
    4. There are 3 possibilities not 2, the third that the virus was released deliberately, after all they were talking about it in documentation in 2015. Sharri (Sky news Australia) recent report.
    5. Why are scientists given freedom to share data on such things with Communist Countries.
    6. Given doubt cast on W.H.O involvement on false narratives why has not a full independent review been carried out on it.
    7. Why is Big Data, social media trying to cover up and withhold the truth from the public, is it that Gov already know the truth and believe we could not take the truth?
    8. Why did CCP try and cover up the facts at the start, that's all i need to know they are lying plus all the other evidence gathered since then, i think we all know.
    9. It's imperative that we find the truth about the origin for future generations so that it never happens again, but there will be another pandemic, important we all learn the lessons from this one.
    10. Bat Lady we need her in order to find out the truth, and is more likely to tell us if she did not have the CCP directing her.
    11. Hackers and Intelligence Agencies you know the importance of the truth to the world and i'm sure it will be very grateful for it.

  19. If the evidence comes out that it was a leak from the lab every country in the world will want compensation for this disaster
    If you make a mistake in your job you get dismissed but who ever made this happen is accountable for the whole disaster this work needs to be much more secure in future something needs to be done to avoid human error again

  20. Scary that this obvious lab leak hypothesis is shutting up virologists who will be need grants for their future careers. Why is there no proof whatsoever for the bat theory?

  21. The Wuhan Virus was released to get Trump out of office. They suppressed the origin of the leak to suppress any election benefit Trump might get from galvanizing US national solidarity against a real enemy. The MSM method is to deny any threats from China and attacking any unifying factors in the West. Marxism attempt to finally overcome capitalism.

  22. I seem to recall an interesting Twitter thread that had some evidence connecting Daszak to the CIA, specifically he is the point man for their bioweapons division.

    I personally have no idea if that's true, make of it what you will.