Nick Barisheff – No Way Out of This Enormous Debt Except Hyperinflation

SBTV spoke with Nick Barisheff, founder and president of BMG Group Inc., about his $10,000 gold forecast and why the US debt is sending the country towards hyperinflation.

Nick Barisheff’s BMG Group:

Discussed in this interview:
00:00 Introduction
01:53 Hyperinflation
05:02 Asian Bretton Woods
06:18 China’s ‘hidden’ gold
11:47 Silver is price inelastic
16:57 Wait out the storm in gold
18:42 Problems with ETFs
22:25 $10,000 gold forecast
25:50 Flight into bullion

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  1. What Nick fails to mention is that both Russia and China are economic basket cases, and its not because of anything the USA did. India will be the one calling the shots soon as their economy surges.

  2. Would love to see silver go from 30 a ounce to 800 like gold…. no disrespect to gold but it really is cowards trade… You just want to sleep at night screw silver regardless if it is at least twice as undervalued as he said gold is.

  3. there is a way out the Fed fiat caused it throw the bankers out and since they are private let them worry and bankrupt, their a corporation in Admiralty, and throw the derivatives in the burn pile soon we start anew

  4. Anytime a government wants to subsidize gold and silver for paper. It is a criminal organization and if the people do not stand up against it. They always wind up where we are today. Always according to history. It's repeated over and over and over and over and over and over and over again.

  5. The reason they rush the CBDC is because they know all fiat currency has reached its end. The central banks will destroy all fiat because when its valued to zero or hyperinflated. The population will have no other option but to embrace CBDC. At that point most sheeple will se the CBDC as a saviour. This is a move to take all wealth and power from the people to the central banks and globalists. The last move of this global ponzy scheme. This move is mostly focused on the European continent and US. The rest of the nations have a sligthy different agenda.

  6. The only way out is by enabling and empowering the people to be autonomous via technology and public spending programs to level out any crevasses that exist in society. Like a school of fish in the sea swimming together. The cultures of the world swim in the waters of life together. sometimes in the same direction, sometimes in opposite directions. In other words… the usury thieves have to give back at some point. that power always gets recycled at the end.

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