Nick Cannon FIRED After Vile Rant Goes Viral, Terry Crews Once Against Calls Out BLM Going Too Far

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Written by Timcast

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  1. Tim puckers his lips between words that don't require puckering. It's a nervous habit. He does it fast, though, so it's hard to tell.

  2. What I've been saying this was coming for over a year. Black lives don't only matter. But should be better. No thanks no race above another. I'm not down for any racism I don't care what side is pushing it!

  3. This isn't cancel culture. Cannon is phenomenally racist. Cancel culture more commonly describes people hounded for things they said a decade ago or sentiments expressed that would are offensive only to a small minority of extremists (e.g. women are biological females). It only seems less bad because we've been socialised to view racism against white people as being far less bad than racism against any other skin colour.

  4. You can say the most horrible things about white people and it's perfectly acceptable.

    But if you question the masters, you will face swift consequences.

  5. That piece of hypocritical garbage, Don Lemon, has gone after Terry Crews as if he has said something indefensible. Shame on him. Shame on the black supremacist Nick Cannon. Two very wealthy bullies who apparently have nothing better to talk about.

  6. Imagine if you swapped race there…. he'd be facing felony charges. Like seriously his speech bore so much resemblance to things you hear from ollllllld KKK or actual nazis. You could make a strong argument for incitement of racial violence when you start labeling people as subhuman

  7. The only thing that these hollywood entertainment d-bags understand is money. Vote with your dollars. I wouldnt piss in his mouth if his teeth were on fire and he will never be on my TV again.

  8. 2:30 Likely because the companies don't want the thugs and n-p-c types focusing attention on them(such as anyone trying to boycott them through bad PR, etc).

    10:17 So many ignorant n-p-c types who will side with anyone they agree(or "follow") faster and in more cases than someone who speaks sense.

  9. 6:50 OR people could've ignored her or answered her question.
    (Also tbh I don't see the real problem with it…..especially when the movie "white chicks"[with white face] is a thing, and no one has a major problem with that)

    13:10 Question: If it's in a news article why should you fear even paraphrasing it, Tim?

  10. 11:14 + 12:22 + 18:22 No, Tim, it's still cancel culture and wrong …..almost no one(with maybe a few major exceptions) should be fired just for holding controversial beliefs.
    I may dislike or disagree with what is being said, but as a proponent of the first amendment I will defend most if not all people's right to say what they want, and if you're a true american then you should as well.
    (We also do NOT want to stoop down to the level of such people)

  11. How many white people in the U. S.A. How long do you think that they are going to sit back and have their lives ,their country,their families continually verbally attacked on any leftist media outlet. The vast majority of white people are decent , have no problem with race whatever colour they are. But the harsh rhetoric from all the hard line globalist media pushing the anti white button ,encouraging and paying for this hate can only end badly for everyone. People are getting angry like never before. All colours need to look at who is pushing this agenda, stop being the ignorant patsy .

  12. Nailed on the head. Garbage people should not be fired, shutdown or de-platfomed they should be able to dig their own ditch and show everyone what a pile of trash they are.

  13. Nick needs to be deleated from media these type of people are a cancer in our society we dont like any type of supremacy we are all Americans and we should try as hard as we can to come together as a nation and reject this type of crap .

  14. Tim is sick of this sound the Democrats know the country is broke in the average white person pays $212 in taxes the average black takes seven hundred and ten thousand in taxes cradle-to-grave from the white taxpayer so I honestly believe in this is not a conspiracy theory they want a black genocide in the United States of America it would save our country trillions and quite possibly save our country these are not my views it's just my opinion