Nick Fuentes on the No-Fly List, as Beijing Biden Persecutes Dissidents


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#Fuentes #NoFlyList


  1. since flying is federal jurisdiction then you should have to be lawfully banned from flying only after going to court and losing a case. This is horseshit that more people need to be pissed about.

  2. I think it's great that the government is putting right-wingers on no-fly lists. Liberate yourself from industrial society. Ride by horse, sail by wind. Better yet, run or swim.

  3. Yeah I confronted an attorney at work about this bullshit…how can the government put you on a no-fly list, let alone if you were never ever convicted. Her response, the pat response, "Well flying is not a right guaranteed in the Constitution". Loose constructionism is a tyranny where nearly any economic activity can be curtailed.

  4. We live in an Leftist Authoritarian Police State that is becoming increasingly authoritarian everyday, look at today's FBI intimidation raid on Rudy Giuliani's home and office. Wake up folks we are in the early stages of Soviet Union 2.0

  5. All the Red States and Red Counties in blue states need to reform a Constitutional US Republic and leave the tyrannical leftist blue areas to fend for themselves.

  6. the thing is – no one knows how you get on the no fly list, getting off of it is near impossible it seems. it's a violation of due process. no one seems to care. people just go on voting for the next guy.

  7. I am reliably informed that I was on the no-fly list in the early 2000's for the nasty things I wrote on the libertarian enterprise e-magazine so this is nothing new. FYI you are NOT informed of your status unless you try to get on the plane, I found out as I had a friend of a friend had access to the list.

  8. 1. I'm not a fan of Nick.
    2. He has not been convicted of any crimes.
    3. It doesn't matter that I'm not a fan, it is a huge overstep of the gov't to bar him from free trade with airlines without due process. Even felons can fly.

  9. They are afraid of Nick because he's young, charismatic, and still able to grow an audience even while being banned off everything. He's not just some boomer who they can put in their place, like some others who were deplatformed. This is plan B when everything else fails.

  10. If I had to guess why, it would be that rant he had about the Capitol riot.

    He said it was the Right's Joker moment, and that he was tired of acting like he wasn't proud of it. He was gleeful at bringing the government to its knees.

  11. I have the same name as an IRA car bomber. Every time I've tried boarding a plane I've been questioned. Granted having dual citizenship with Ireland doesn't help but the cease fire happened while I was in middle school.

  12. Just wait for the next president to print off a list of all registered Democrats. "This is now the no fly list," as lefties screech about how they need to be free to burn cities they don't live in.

  13. Watch that installed thing on TV if you are of European roots in the USA you are less than a dog under the law now if you don't get anti white facts being spit in your children faces that are enforce by these monsters like the a white farmer in SA the media doesn't not give a rat's ass about you either dose the government.