Nick Kyrgios ” If Djokovic Plays the Australian Open…” Adelaide 2022

Written by Paul Martin


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  1. The real story is not Djokovic – it's that Australia is ruled by an autocratic PM who demonises people who are not double vaxed while taking away the freedom of millions of Australians.
    And Morrison has unfairly picked on Djokovic as an example for political reasons to show himself as a tough leader while obeying his big pharma bosses. It's despicable to do this to probably the greatest tennis player ever who has done so much for Australia, Australian tennis & sport in the country. And Morrison has gone so far to call unvaxed "killers" while creating vaccine apartheid in Australia. Many Aussies cannot go to work, or even exercise 1 hour a day outside, cannot move within provinces & are put in isolation camps if they test positive. Northern Territory has had a lockdown despite just 2 people being in ICU. The Australian people need to take back control & overthrow their sick gov.

  2. I respect Nick for his openly spoken opinions about AO 2022 and Novak…

    As far as measures go Australian Government has full right to get those outlined… Their process is the issue – not Novak… Process failed, and they exercised absolutely lack of common sense…

    How did Nadal enter Australia 11 days after he announced he is having covid infection!!??? Lets ask that question… Australia has requirement that no person can enter the country if they tested positive in the last 14 days…. How was that rule followed if we all know how Nadal entered the country…

  3. Djokovic is not only a Tennis Champion – he is also a World's Human Rights Champion. For months now, we've been seeing footage on social media about extreme police brutality and breach of basic human rights in Australia. PM Morrison is a rogue leader who's been leading a racist immigration policy and have kept refugees in covid-jails in some cases for 9 years. He is a man that doesn't respect the science, nor the opinion of Medical Professors that have granted the medical exemption for Mr. Djokovic.

    Luckily, AUS is a member of UK Commonwealth of nations and there is a clear separation of power between Legislative, Executive and Courts. The Courts are there to protect people from unhinged politicians who think they're above the law. The democratic image of the state of Australia is now in Judge Kelly's hands, and I have no doubt he will make the right decision. God Save The Queen!

  4. This shows nick’s real character. He’s got a backbone and not afraid to say the right thing.That’s why I always liked these hard times people will see the real character of their favourite players.

  5. Always been a fan of Nick K .. for his talent on court .. and his forthright views off it. In a world where celebrities prefer to be politically correct, Nick stands out for speaking his mind .. and heart.

  6. Respect Nick. You got more personality than the people who slander you week in week out.
    So what if you dont love tennis as much as the other top players. 🤷🏾‍♂️ Keep being yourself.

  7. Nick is not a tool and coward like Nadal who disapointed me so mutch with his responce. Nick was an unexpected suprise and he shows that despite rough immage (and playing games with media at times) deep down he is a good soul. Good sportmanship mate. Respect friom this serb is granted weather or not he continues to talks smack
    in the future. Now it counts in my book at least. Sorry but Raffa and Murry are sore loosers despite all the sucess they had (and Murry privelaged to play the biggest slam at home should be quiet if he has nothing good to say). Bravo Nick.

  8. Omg, I remember how much they hated each other. Kyrgios came out victorious in both matches when Novak was injured. And Kyrgios mocked him and called him out on that. The only thing Novak said about him is that he has no respect for Kyrgios. That was that. Novak didnt even want to speak about Kyrgios anymore.

    But I think that the fact that Djokovic donated to AUS for covid relief and the forest fires helped Kyrgios recall the kind of person that Djokovic is.

    Kyrgios is right, as well. The media loves drama, and they blew it up with instigating questions in interviews.

  9. Respect from Spain. Supporting a fellow sportsman honors you. You've just beaten Nadal, he cowardly took the side of the Australian tyrants. At this point, we'll be held accountable for every word we say. 💪⚔️😬

  10. With all the people who have covid at present ,why should we let a tennis player to play unvaccinated. Send him home and keep Australia safe.This bullshit about poor Novak ,he is a selfish person ,only cares about his ego and a tennis game,not about the people around him.

  11. Now will be A GOOD time for Nick to express his sincere remorse for his very rude behavior on courts during matches. He has such natural talent, and good tennis instinct and he can win GS if he allowed himself the comfort of being respected. He should not earn crowds laughter by misbehaving… is sad to see, and he must not allow them to view him as a joke…… Instead, I would urge him to say sorry to all other players he offended in the past and move on to greater tennis level of commitment and success. HE WOULD BENEFIT GREATLY BY BEING RESPECTABLE WITH HIS ACTIONS……..He can do it! It would be so awesome to see Nick thrive and win by sheer merit of his tennis without the ugly drama he creates….and the horrible atmosphere he seems to thrive on. ALL THE BEST NICK WITH YOUR FUTURE IMPROVED COURT TACTICS AND WINS. YOU CAN DO IT. I like seeing your verbal support for Novak …….I too wish to see Novak being allowed to move to his own rented home where he can follow the isolation protocol. I think based on past years I have a hunch that Both AO OPEN and WIMBLDON WOULD NEVER EVER TREAT SWISS ROGER F THE WAY THEY TREAT NOVAK. HAVING SAID THAT, I THINK NOVAK MUST ACCEPT AUSTRALIA'S RULES AND REGULATIONS AND STOP MAKING A BIG MESS FOR HIMSELF. EITHER GO HOME OR STAY AND PLAY AO OPEN AFTER BEING VACCINATED. NOVAK MUST AT ONCE STOP THIS WHOLE ISSUE BY RESPECTING THE COUNTRY HE IS A VISITOR AT, AND BY DOING THE RIGHT THING. HE DOES NOT HAVE TO GET THE SHOTS, BUT IF HE DOES NOT CHOOSE TO , HE DOES HAVE TO RESPECT THE CONSEQUENCES OF HIS LIMITED PUBLIC FREEDOM SAME AS THE REST OF US. TAKE GOOD CARE NOVAK AND I HOPE YOU PUT AN END TO THIS ASAP. YOU HAVE THE POWER TO ACT IN ACCORDANCE TO THE RULE.

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