Nigel Farage EPIC Ukraine / Russia Speech In 2014 Is WORTH A WATCH NOW!

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  1. I remember that speech.
    Farage was instrumental in Brexit
    and has been on the right side of most issues.
    And it is no secret that Obama, Biden and Soros joined forces to reshape the entire world
    in the image of the WEF !
    If this were a movie, the Ukrainians on the side of Soros would be saluting with

  2. Barry setoro Obama and Hillary Clinton started a coup in 2014 and removed Ukraine government and put in there corrupt politicians. George Soros brown shirt Nazis are in the government and military. Zelensky is a puppet and George Soros funded his TV show, etc.

  3. I disagree…,Jan. 6th was exactly like Sept eleven. Both were set up..,both had inside job written all over the events. They were both live exercises. And they were both filling the roll of the degradation of our lands. Sad to see.

  4. This guy is clown, Putin is t he aggressor, it reminds me of Ron Paul how he's anti-war, but backed Putin years back, and every government is corrupt, that doesn't justify an invasion, and the killing of children, and innocent people

  5. Our conduct, as "allies" & as a nation, is QUITE reminiscent of the "negotiations" with Japan that eventually got us into WW2.
    The theater commanders of the day were watching the "progress" of those "negotiations," & observing that "either we sent the DUMBEST S.O.B.s we could over there, or SOMEONE is trying to get us into this war."
    Also interesting to note that when messages of the breakdown of those "negitiations" was sent to these theater commanders, Adm. Kimmel's command (Pearl Harbor) was the only one who never received one.

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  7. LOVE Farage! Not afraid to tell the most blunt truth. He was 100% correct in that speech.
    HE should be PM–not stuttering, lying, buffoon Boris!

  8. Anomaly! Great work my man! An idea for future video? Have you not seen that like zelinsky, donald trump was possibly acting in his own show " THE APPRENTICE" IN PREPARATION FOR HIS PRESIDENCY? To make people see his hard line on handling his businesses. That was preparing himself for conservative voters!
    Getting his audience an example of his firmness as a president? THIS IS WORTHY OF A VIDEO?

  9. yes, that's why i've said since the beginning that NATO was the aggressor. The warsaw pact was dissolved and NATO was supposed to as well but instead it expanded…aggressively

  10. Biden and his overlords want a moral and physical collapse of the entire world, especially from the most freedom loving peoples. This collapse would lead to deaths and societal submission to the new world order. Does Putin or Xi want to be part of this? Maybe. Will the western countries and overlords demand their (Putin, Xi) demise? Maybe. Deals made? Who would be the most ruthless? Is violence the answer? Who owns the fed?

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