Nigel Farage: I despise what the Conservatives have done to Britain

One lesson I have learned from my political career is never to trust the Conservative Party.

From mass migration to the energy crisis their weak leaders have left the country facing disaster.

Nigel Farage joins Steven Edginton in the latest Off Script podcast discussing the challenges facing the next prime minister.

Watch the full video above or listen on your podcast app by searching “Off Script”.

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  1. I think its time to leave the west.

    Its hopeless to stay here. 101 problems going on and coming.

    I will sell what I got and move to Mexico or asia and live my life there.

    My money is worth double there.
    Houses for 50k

    Here the same house is 350k

    Food 200 euro a month

    Here 600-800 euro

    Electricity 20 euro’s

    Here 200

    Water 30 euro

    Here 250

    Why stay in full slavery just to survive

    Leave the elite, the immigrants and the idiots alone.

    Let them enjoy the mess they Made themselves.

    2025 Im gone 100%

    Maybe sooner if possible

  2. I have never been a fan of Farage, I am the complete opposite of the spectrum, but I agree with everything he has said. The state of British politics is genuinely abysmal, and the condition of the system is incredibly alarming for the national interest.

  3. Farage stirred up so much discontent that Cameron called his bluff with the referendum… Farage has as much blame at his door!!! We are broken, isolated and impoverished which in most cases leads to communism! Mess!!!

  4. It's strange to see The Telegraph, such a Conservative-biased newspaper, hosting such an interview. It's good to see Nigel Farage being honest here, and clearly laying his cards on the table. The interviewer is still, however, extremely pro-Conservative in his line of questioning, particularly whenever he refers to Thatcher.

  5. Ranil Jayawardena , widely regarded as a "very deceitful man" has been appointed the Secretary of State for Environment, Food, and Rural Affairs in the first Cabinet of the new British prime ministress, Liz 'the div' Truss.

    Jayawardena, who replaces George Eustice, who, by coincidence has also proven to be extremely dishonest, entered the House of Commons as MP for Northeast Hampshire in 2015.

    In August, he celebrated a new post-Brexit trade deal with Mongolia that gave British farmers access to a “£1 million market”.

    According to Jayawardena, that also allowed them to supply chicken to KFC outlets in the country, of which there are 11. He did however brag to his colleagues, that he will promote this trade deal "but I won't mention that although we can supply these 11 KFC's, 10,000 miles away, we can no longer supply Frances 211 KFC branches a hundred or so miles away, since Brexit"

    To put that in context, most major cities in the UK have more than that, with Leeds boasting the most (16) followed by Manchester, Liverpool and Sheffield, which are all home to 14 a piece.

  6. Might I suggest that Nigel retires to an island in the Caribbean and spend the rest of his days counting his money, thereby removing the need for the rest of us to listen to him ramble on and on and on.

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