Nigel Farage reacts to report warning repeated boosters jabs could negatively impact immune system

‘I never thought this would happen but I’m agreeing with the European Union regulators’

Nigel Farage reacts to a report that warns repeated frequent Covid-19 boosters could negatively impact the immune system.


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  1. I'm trying to listen to what he is saying, but I am so distracted by the black build-up on his lower front teeth. Please Mr Farage, a visit to a dental hygienist will clean those stains in less than 30 minutes. What is it with older British people not taking care of their teeth?!

  2. Yup and everyone has had it shot straight into their blood and I hope your all enjoying your protection because its not gonna protect you from major organ failure, higher chances at contracting meningitis, neumonia, and all these great illnesses. God how the vast majority of people didnt use their brains hehehehehe, listen up. All of us unvaxed will be okay, we can prosper once everyone has gone lool

  3. So glad someone has the courage to speak the truth on national tv. People who know how to critically think know that this virus was created in a lab in Wuhan, China. The scientists are only concerned about their reputations. They caused this deadly pandemic and if the truth comes out the world will turn on them along with Communist China as well it should. This is the biggest cover-up in history!

  4. Make as much money as possible. Damage as many people as possible (female fertility yet unknown). Then row back and pin the blame on fall guys like Gates.

    "Scientists are now saying there was a key miscalculation in the formula. The greatest industrial accident of all time, but we were under pressure during the crisis".

  5. I have been correct about everything from the first lock down but I'm still called a conspiracy theorist . This was done to us by chyna and we where sold out by cowardly leadership across the world . No jab not one and still alive so 🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕

  6. Whichever theory about the source of this businness you subscribe to: a virus transmitted by animals, probably by bats, or the lab leak theory, the fact remains that it originated in China., so why no hint of this in the press or anywhere else? Too sensitive a subject clearly, but what chaos has this caused around the world whilst no one dares to mention who might be to blame.

  7. Sorry, you lost me there. Of course it came from a lab, no news there. This is not a naturally occurring virus, we made it, then lost a bit of it. It didn’t miraculously evolve in a garden somewhere in China.

  8. Fauci was on the phone to UK Patrick Vallance. The all agreed to slander anyone talking about a lab leak as conspiracy nuts, looney and any scientist saying the virus looked engineered was 'fringe'. The UK has selected to elevate Sir Patrick Vallance Knighthood for his lies to the British people. Over 5 million deaths, worldwide global ruin, people suffering mental health and depression. Years of psychological and educational damage done to our children. Rewarding people who are responsible and or hiding the truth from the public is disgusting. The public has lost all credibility in the Government and Science has never been corrupt and utterly politically and financially driven. The people have a right to the truth and Vallance needs to be independently investigated and not rewarded. Financially Vallance still continues to disclose his conflict of interest with big pharma and must be forced to do so now. Follow the money and the truth will be revealed. For the sake of humanity and future pandemic the truth must be revealed.

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