NIH Acknowledges Wuhan Gain-of-Function and Other Grant Violations | Yes, Fauci Lied

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Items referenced:
Fauci Blasts Rand Paul: ‘You Do Not Know What You’re Talking About’:
Dr. Fauci’s Testimony to Rand Paul on ‘Gain-of-Function’ Research Was Filled With, Well, Lies:
Kennedy asks Fauci whether Wuhan lab lied: “You never know”:
NIH letter to Rep. James Comer:
‘They Have No Shame’: NIH Doubles Down, Says It Didn’t Fund Gain Of Function Research After Releasing Documents That Suggest Otherwise:
US researcher with ties to Wuhan lab personally thanked Fauci in April 2020 for dispelling lab leak theory ‘myths’:
‘Dr. Fauci May Have Committed Perjury’: AG Asked If Fauci Will Be Investigated For Lying To Congress:–Pc

Written by Matt Christiansen

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  1. Communist tactics: Create a problem (Wuhan Flu) LOUDLY point to this problem (Kovid) repeatedly scream about it's deadly, fatal consequences then point to one's self as THE only answer.

  2. Ok, that's great and all but what's gonna happen to Fauci? Nothing, that's what. Republicans are spineless idiots in on the take anyway. There's no hope for this country unless the whole government is replaced.

  3. Matt, another great video where you've really nailed it. Peter Daszak's comment ("We don't think it's fair that we should have to reveal everything we do") is an all too common attitude among the smug and arrogant. "I'm brilliant zoologist and you pleebs are plainly idiots. How dare you ask questions to your intellectual superiors" Is that what Mr Daszak is claiming? A guy comes to paint your house and you tell him "I want you to use Brand A paint". The guy then cracks open of can of Brand B and when you tell him you want to know what's going on, he tells you to mind your own business. Would you pay for that? No, you wouldn't. Not hard concept to understand. How daft is Peter Daszak? His company took money from a public agency. If Peter didn't like accountability, go grab some cash from the private sector. The biggest problem for Dr. D is his inability to read a calendar. Submit a report by date XX/XX/XXX. I'm pretty sure they teach calendar reading in Mr Daszak's homeland of England. Chernobyl didn't kill all that many people but it had a disastrous effect on the nuclear power industry and economic consequences that went on for years. Governments are dumbfounded that 1 in 5 don't want a vaccine. They say "Trust the science" Sure but it appears we can't trust the scientists. A lot of hard working, stick to the rules, scientists are going to get tarred as default liars the minute any discrepancy is mentioned now. If you work at Eco Health Alliance, suggest you come forward now and sink this guy because he doesn't have the guts to come clean about his mistakes. In my opinion, Peter Daszak is no friend of science or the scientific community.

  4. Isn't it a kawinky dink that sociopathic authoritarian liars behave like…..sociopathic authoritarian liars. Weird, I know, but it happened. Maybe there's some kind of connection to make.

  5. This isn't proving gain of function. You'd have to prove intent. The people making this claim have always insisted it didn't come from bats rather it was designed in a lab. Now you're agreeing it's bats?

    You have labs testing and storing the worst things so we can look into cures. They are growing cultures of the worst of what we have. This is to maintain the database and test for cures.

    Fauci maintains this is what these labs were doing. You haven't proved weaponizing. Even the document you highlighted in the next paragraph states why they thought it wasn't gain of function.

    This is only proof the virus came from bats. I am challenging your view of fauci. He is only guilty if there is considerably more evidence that he knew and China internationally was weaponizing it. If true China was brilliantly incompetent.

    I am left believing more than ever this is from a bat due to its weakening immune system. They will test things already in existence. So if they got a sick bat and tested if it could be a threat to humans that is not gain of function that is discovering something in the wild.

    So the are able to find a bat with a highly contagious disease and they test if it's dangerous to humans. If the new sick bat was found in the wild the outbreak was long out of control. It is more likely than that it didn't escape the lab but was the normal progression of the virus to humans.

    When you say gain of function I am expecting custom designed with equipment not the discovery of sick bat

  6. Well done grasshopper. You'll go far in the revo,lu-tion of the dome,stic ter,-ror-ists agin the chineee commie partee in our own-illigitimately-elected govt. (the REAL in,su.rr-ec*tion) via D,o-_minion.

  7. It's so crazy that this video has less than 50,000 views. My mom watches all of the major news media outlets. She rarely has any idea what's going on. Even Fox is bad for just talking about the stuff that doesn't really matter. She has no idea what's really going on and I'll bring things up to her and she will be sceptical and then I will show her absolute proof and she will be grudgingly admit I'm right. And she will always be surprised that she's never heard of it.

  8. Funny how "health experts" are complaining that critics aren't "experts" and don't understand…. yet these so-called "health experts" aren't elected officials, aren't lawyers, aren't economists, aren't nutritious, aren't educators, etc… yet they feel they are more than qualified to tell society what to do.

  9. China Uncensored/America Uncovered has a pretty good video regarding Peter Daszak and co…. just follow the money trail and you will quickly realize this is all an orchestrated coverup.

  10. Earlier this year I spent a week in the hospital with Covid pneumonia. I was a healthy middle age man who rarely got sick. It brought me to my knees and I’m still recovering to this day. My only hope now is that history will judge “Saint” Fauci as harshly as he deserves. He is truly the Dr. Frankenstein in this scenario and the monster he helped create killed millions. Fauci and Daszak deserve prison time. Fauci should have the medical credibility of Josef Mengele. In the future (probably long after I’m dead and buried) historians will expose Fauci for what he he truly is……..

  11. Dr Fauci lied. The Democrats keep trying to hide and obfuscate what Fauci did.

    Rand Paul ownd Fauci. We need more people like Rand Paul to hold criminals like Dr Fauci and the Democrats accountable for their actions.

  12. Being fair, you can't say that he funded gain-of-function research, because NIH 'changed the definition' (fauci's explanation) and they now call it gabberflasty. It is identical, element-for-element, with gain-of function, but it's gabberflasty, so you're WRONGWRONGWRONG! And he's gonna tell his mommy if you don't stop it RIGHT NOW. The 3rd grade evasions from the good doctor,,, are, unfortunately, not at all a surprise. Not in the modern era. I don't think it was an effort to kill people, (necessarily) it could be simply appalling negligence. That, too, would be unsurprising.

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