NIH Director tried to stop an needed scientific debate | My New STAT News Op-Ed

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Vinay Prasad, MD MPH; Physician & Associate Professor

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  1. There's too, too much debate already. They don't give a shit about the truth. This is a purging process that the people in power, who lost their minds, are imposing. Make no mistake the pro cess has begun . So, this is not a time for academic debate, this is a time to stand in unity against these collective insane people that want to kill off millions of innocent people. It's call Eugenics and they are great proponents of it.

  2. This stuff has been happening under all of our noses. Then when people question the motives of government when they say "safe and effective" and "covid has natural origin" and question mass/forced vaccines, it shouldn't be a surprise to these authoritarians

  3. The good doctor is right on the cusp of waking up. He’s almost there. If he somehow were to accidentally look up “Event 201” and “The great reset”. Then connect the dots, I believe it would fill in a lot of his missing answers.

    He still has too much faith in the system.

  4. I’m going to get political because this is totally political. Which side overwhelmingly tries to come out as really caring about kids? Which side wanted to keep schools closed? Which side will defend their side to the end with violence and threats of violence? What side will defend/promote their political views by rioting? Which side gives a pass to bad actors who support their beliefs? What side is authoritarian and refuses to debate? What side is far less willing to do any research besides watching CNN or Twitter?

  5. Follow the money. It took me two minutes to find out that the Great Barrington Declaration was pushed out be the American Institute for Economic Research, which is a libertarian think tank, founded by an investment advisor, dealing with economic issues, funded by investments and the fossil fuel industry. They are also noted climate denialists. They are most definitely not a think tank dedicated to the health and well-being of people. Basically, they're rich people who will gladly sacrifice the lives and health of little people as long as it would benefit their investment portfolio. Pushing this "natural herd immunity" crap weeks before the vaccine was to be approved and distribution started was disgusting. It's another example of rich people using their money to push propaganda that will harm people. Your "let's just have the debate" attitude plays right into their hands. Why should rich people trying to save their investments always get to set the public agenda? Why do people such as you fall for this crap? I'm glad people ignored yet another attempt by rich people to put their financial interests ahead of public health interests.  

    BTW, the "let's protect people in nursing homes" part is a smokescreen. Of course more should have been done to isolate and protect the elderly. People had been saying that for a looooong time. But, do you really think a libertarian ECONOMIC think tank cared deeply about the elderly in nursing homes? Don't be naive. They just latched onto that so they could sound reasonable while pushing herd immunity for their own selfish ECONOMIC interests.

  6. Privately not publicly, don’t you think to yourself that basically this could be it could have been a hatchet job that was being demanded my money interests? It’s clear who funds the FTA… Who funds the NIH? It’s not something that you feel you can safely say in public but I do wonder if you’re not thinking this in private. We all are for those of us who are questioning the narrative

  7. They created the problem to be able to provide the solution. They are not looking to solve anything, but to proceed with the agenda, that is the reason they want to censor everybody that is not aligned with their goal..

  8. Dear Mr Prasad, three indicators of propaganda 1) a single narrative across all platforms; 2) the ridiculing, mocking and discounting of differing views 3) the lack of substance in the ruling narrative. Once these patterns of behaviour are recognised the next question is 'who/what is a larger of objective of the narrative'?

  9. The way the worldwide government handled the pandemic is proof that central government fails at effectively handling time-critical issues, distributed neural networks always surpass time-to-solve. Shoving a one-size-fits-all solution has never worked, censoring and investigating medical professionals is anti-science. Criticism of government policy is necessary to find the better solutions because government has no incentive to cut waste and improve efficiency.

  10. If anything the people who all agree with the CDC, NIH and FDA are bad and in it for the money, their career.

    It's always the people who dissent from popular opinion who are courageous and doing the right thing. It just takes years or decades for people to recognize them. Rosa Parks wasn't a hero when she took her seat on that bus. She just didn't do what she was told. She did the right thing.

  11. Francis Collins is another lifetime government bureaucrat who, like Fauci, operates free from any accountability. His opinions, and the opinions of other government bureaucrats, are not law and, are we are now painfully aware, certainly not infallible. The reality that any scientific opinion that differs from that of government bureaucrats is squashed as “disinformation” is very disturbing. This is not how freedom of f speech and individual liberties work. I hope we learned two important lessons from this s Covid experience. First, I hope we learned that broad mandated lockdowns not only don’t work, they are terribly destructive. Two, that Constitutional freedoms should never be compromised or suspended because of a virus that 99% of the people who contract it survive and even if the mortality rate was much higher. Any restrictions placed on citizens should pass Constitutional scrutiny and should be implemented by states, not the federal government. As a country and as citizens we’ve allowed the federal government to become far too powerful and controlling at the expense of individual liberty and states’ rights.

  12. Vinay Prasad, not matter how large your platform may be, I wish it were larger. I feel the world would benefit greatly by just the consideration of your point of view.

  13. You've gotten more & more skeptical in the healthiest & least extremist of ways in the last few months Doc. It's very refreshing. You articulate so well with common sense & high credentials. We need you! Thank you! Happy Holidays!

  14. I do enjoy your commentary, unfortunatly…you keep looking at what is happening and you believe it's all a poor judgement call. My question to you sir is simply…what if they are doing this with full intent of an agenda not seen in public view. I mean, think just for a moment, mandatory vaccines in 2020 was written about 7 years ago.
    The virus we are told to fear is patented as is the vaccine being pushed…this is not a case of it came as a surprise..agenda 21 tells of this, John Hopkins clearly tells of this coming just months before it "breaks out".
    If you listen to Catherine Austin Fitts
    You may hear a side of the story that has nothing to do with chance. It's cold and calculated.

  15. This video explains why I've given up listening to health experts. So much of this has become political theatre. The swinger club 1 mile away was open before a vax was ready, while our kids school was shut down. Health experts made these calls based on political power of groups lobbying rather than science. We destroyed our economy–for what, Omicron wages on. I listen to you, because you provide apolitical health analysis. It's a shame you aren't on MSNBC or FOX. Then again, if you were endorsed by big media, would you be as trusted? Again, thanks for talking through all of this for our benefit.

  16. Very logical analysis! Vinay, it is very evident that the FDA, CDC, NIH and BIG PHARMA are in an incestuous relationship of deceit, truth distortion, and bribery. Many scientists have sold their morality and integrity to secure research grant funding and as such are now puppets of the Big Tech coalition.

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