NIH Head Blames “Conspiracy Theories” For His COVID Failure!

Outgoing NIH Director Francis Collins recently gave an interview reflecting on his experience helping guide U.S. policy during the COVID epidemic. Rather than accept responsibility for quashing dissenting voices in the scientific community or misrepresenting the truth about vaccines, transmission, masks and natural immunity, Collins directed blame for COVID’s toll on conspiracy theorists and religious zealots while only admitting to doing a poor job of communicating.

Jimmy and America’s comedian Kurt Metzger share their perspectives on Collins’s failures, duplicity and dutiful service to his corporate masters in Big Pharma.

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THE JIMMY DORE SHOW is a comedy lifeline for people on the left and right (but definitely NOT the center) who are sick of bought politicians and gaslighting corporate journalists manufacturing consent for wars.


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  1. Another fav of mine is when you're watching the behind the scenes of the making of a movie or TV show and you see them all with masks and socially distanced knowing that they are about to shoot a scene hugging or kissing while unmasked…lol

  2. Jimmy why you got to make this a race thing instead of a wealth and greed thing?
    Scumbags like Dr fauci don't profit off of pandemics like this because of their skin color it's because of their greed

  3. Speaking of masks, the research shows that they cause serious health (physical & mental) problems. Check-out Dr. Russell Blaylocks article that includes all the scientific sources he researched to validate his points. The article has been censored online and they are trying to defame the Dr., unfortunately.

  4. Francis Collins was part of the Genome Project which was code for eugenics claims to be a Catholic but remember what the Catholic church has done throughout history. Frances Collins is no better than the Third Reich and and if you listen to his podcast with Lex Freeman he is the worst because he seems so innocent and sweet and old and kind who wouldn't believe him I bet the people that ended up in Dahmer's refrigerator that he was kind too

  5. Do psychologists check the crazy and nazi boxes if you say you believe Einstein's toasted marshmallow theory of bent nuffink is a low watt religious conspiracy theory?

  6. I can’t stand to look at his smug face 🤮! They’ve got no morals and no sense of duty to innocent people who were relying on them to get through Covid. They could give a shit less about the people they’re supposed to be protecting. How many people have been killed by big pharma? I’m sure it’s more than we will ever know. But their greed isn’t a factor and this creature doesn’t care. His job is to advertise whatever Pfizer or J&J ask him to promote the coward! Like Jimmy said what ever happened to debate, research, and peer review? It’s not even a consideration, there’s money to be made! It’s the poorest among us who get screwed over the worst but they’re expendable to men like this! Trust the science, oh you mean the “science” that has undergone no testing, that has faced no scrutiny? Then Fauci declaring that he’s so popular because the people were longing for a symbol of truth… for the love of God these people are deluded. Corrupt to the core!
    What I wouldn’t give to see Jimmy embarrass this guy on live TV!

  7. Corona virus's are 60-140 Nm. in dia. : FACT-NOT THEORY
    Mask porosity is 50,000-60,000 Nm. : FACT-NOT THEORY
    127,551 – MINIMUM number of virus able to fit side by side through one single pore of a paper mask : MATH-NOT THEORY.
    This is simple math, based on easily obtainable FACTS. So, why the lies?
    THAT is the question.
    We know they are lying to us, the 64,000 dollar question you should be asking is WHY?
    What's their end-game?

  8. This is top notch! Ivermectin is still not recommended by the nih even though there was an almost 3% reduction in deaths between the actual and the placebo it was 1.2% vs 4.0% on standard care. Read it ur self they admit in studies it has shown to help, and almost no adverse events, but they can't make money on it so it's not recommended also if they did they would lose emergency use authorization on the vax

  9. Masks aren't effective. They are Effective. They are Mandatory. Wear Two of them. Wear Eight of them. Ok, actually they are not really effective and it was all political theater. Thank you Dr. Fauci for that Ever Changing clarification. Trust in the Science, I am the Science. Not the DATA driven decisions, not the experimentation, not the verifiable results, but Saint Fauci Patron Saint of Science.

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