NIH HELPED EcoHealth Evade Gain Of Function Restrictions, Fauci DOUBLES DOWN On School Closures

Ryan Grim and Robby Soave discuss Rahm Emanuel’s future as Ambassador to Japan, plus new reporting from The Intercept on the NIH’s role in helping Ecohealth Alliance police its own funding of risky bat coronavirus research.

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  1. LOOK MAN!!! (LOL) Gain Of Function Work could easily spell THE END of the Human Race!!! Almost 2 years ago, Dr. HATFILL explained it all on American Thought Leaders channel !!! The Wikipedia article I read THEN, explained a lot. Dr. HATFILL said computer simulations have predicted 50% FATALITIES. It could be like the Steven King book and movie…..or WORSE. Especially as AI develops!!! "Come On Man!"

  2. I've never interested in politics or paid a lot of attention to elections… Now, when I see how much damages to our country was done by current administration and their democratic party.. I am 100% for republicans!

  3. Trump was saying that he doesn't believe Fauci and Trump was saying that US have to remove American funding for WHO. Now when we know that our tax money were used for creation of dangerous virus that caused millions of deaths…. We know that Fauci was and is laying to Senate about this virus… Why the criminal case is not open yet against Fauci and other officials at NIH?!!!!! Yesterday the head of NIH resigned and left his position…

  4. So Ryan, are you now willing to admit that this current problem might have originated in a lab?
    It is not the same with the "military-industrial" complex contracts, this is a lot different.

  5. Difficult to go back in a retrospective scope? Why do you think that the military conducts after action reviews, and civilian enterprises have adopted the practice. What do you think a retrospective is?

  6. So disingenuous the ‘my families private schools opening didn’t create outbreaks’ position, yeah because they remained isolated in their rich and pmc comfortable gated communities inside and outside school hours, having all their needs met by online deliveries services.

  7. Nice to see Grim is at least capable of recognizing this truth after all this time. Took way too long to get there, but thank you for finally acknowledging the truth about Fauci, Ryan. There's still a lot more truth that you've been avoiding, so don't let your eyes slide back closed.

  8. Can see why the left-wing are "obsessed" with Gain of Fauci it's no wonder he's not behind bars yet for breaking every rule in the book just to fund potential bioweapons with beagle puppies as unwilling test subjects.

  9. Can we just throw him in prison for life already? he said its not gain of function because him and his colleuges define gain of function as modifying a HUMAN virus, but wuhan lab didnt count because they were modifying a bat virus and giving it new abilities… PUT HIM IN PRISON

  10. EXACTLY!. If the lockdowns were such a success. The difference between the states or schools that didn't lockdown should be night and day. We can not take away everyone's rights to gain VERY LITTLE difference in outcome.

  11. I feel like we should have a point system for congressional persons that gives incentive to be an honest broker. Like elementary school stars for good behavior. Because that's what they and their current games are, childish.

  12. These guys hit it right on for the first 3 and a half minutes. There is no difference between the Republican and Democrat parties, it's an illusion of choice, people need to look up the Jones Plantation. Kudos for these guys stating the obvious but you would be surprised how many people do not see this obvious illusion.

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