Nina Turner BETRAYED By Progressive Dems – Endorse Corporatist Instead

Firebrand progressive Nina Turner is running for Congress as a Democrat against an incumbent, corporatist and Dem Party favorite Shontel Brown. In anticipation of the primary vote, the Congressional Progressive Caucus, headed by Pramila Jayapal, has weighed in with an endorsement. And it’s gone to Brown.

Jimmy and American comedian Kurt Metzger discuss the continued devotion to the Democratic Party exhibited by many on the left despite Democrats’ ongoing failure to reciprocate those feelings.

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  1. It's not amazing at all. She's a dem. Just like a repub, they lie. Everyting is a lie. All her "principles" are lies. She just wants to jup on the gravy train too…just like the rest. We get exactly what we vote for and we vote for nothing.

  2. So in a relationship you accept the things the other person says to do it, not the way you say it should be done! What bs. They are the ones that said when the relationship was forged, that this is how they would do things. Now they blame us for holding them to it? We’re to trust that the people we knew weren’t helping us, are engaged in an honest relationship with the Squad? Why would they, if the Squad doesn’t use their leverage? Well I guess Nina should not be disappointed that they chose Brown over her. After all, she understands that there is such a thing as “strategy”!😂

  3. Progressivism is about the authoritarian technocratic collective, aka a company town. Corporate-government partnership. It always has been.
    Look at how both Wilson and FDR, the biggest progressive presidents did things. All government corporate partnership. They gave us the federal reserve, the military industrial complex, and served to further the modern american crony-cartel medical system. Never mind the make the world safe for democracy interventionist foreign policy. All the stuff this channel complains about is fundamentally progressivism in practice. The real progressivism, not the sales pitch progressivism that is to con people into voting for all this.

  4. Did you say Democrat? Shame on Nina for running as a Democrat and not thinking she wasn't going to be cheated. The lessons of Bernie Sanders mean nothing to her.

    But Nina was ready to conform. Nina is lost. People who endorse Democrats and expect change are lost. That's not how the $y$stem works.

  5. IMO, holding those fauxgressives accountable is to not only refuse to donate to them or vote for them once they've failed to prove themselves, but to also deem any other candidates who tout those same talking points as equally suspicious. I'm done being duped by their empty rhetoric. I don't think anyone who's truly revolutionary would bother to vote for someone claiming to be "progressive" when all they end up doing is furthering support for empire. Their game of political charades is over! The fauxgressives are revealed for the bootlickers that they all are!

  6. Jimmy Dore: "The Republicans are horrible, vote Democrat."
    Jimmy Dore: "The Democrats are horrible, vote for Bernie."
    Jimmy Dore: "Bernie is a cuck, vote for the Squad."
    Jimmy Dore: "The Fraud Squad is corrupt, vote for Nina Turner and/or the People's Party."
    Me: "Hey Jimmy, are you going to keep making the same mistake over and over?"

    Why do we allow PRIVATE organizations to be the gatekeepers to PUBLIC office?

  7. We need FREE write in ballot access and 1 person 1 vote on paper only. Revote. Because they knew ab covid since oct but freaked out during state voting so Bernie and Tulsi would drop out and so Bernie or Busters wouldnt join the yellow vests and unite the protesting peoples of the world which probably would have formed international unions. So. Yeah they dint want that happening. So we need a revote with free ballot access. It would destroy the parties money in politics jerrymandering electoral college the machines. Sounds pretty good to me. We need that accurate vote. Anything less is unacceptable. 2020 was supposed to he accountability 2016 2020.

  8. Kurt's "headache face" made me laugh out loud.
    And how'd all that "strategy" work out? AOC got kicked off of all committees and was told to toe the line or the Democrats were going to jerrymander her out of her District. Even after she and the rest of the "progressive" so-called "Squad" totally knuckled under and did nothing to use whatever evanescent leverage they had. And just as soon as that leverage evaporated when Pelosi was back in the driver's seat, POOF! There went all the "Squad's" power and they're right back to playing controlled opposition. Pathetic. Funny. But pathetic.

  9. 12:03 I know there should be no love lost on Kyle the Cuck, but didn't he back Jimmy's FTV in a very big way, and then called Vaush out to his face for being unfair to Jimmy — not that Kyle hasn't disgraced himself time and time over since then…

  10. I visited new York before the pandemic. I asked a police officer what time it was he replied " what the fuck you asking me for "
    This is the mentality of most all Americans. All for money and fuck everyone else! You can't maintain that kind of attitude and still call yourselves a world leader.
    American corporations will sell you out for the smallest amount of profit. They pay shiit wages they treat you like shiit then they give your job to Mexicans and Chinese when you need a raise. Elon musk fired his assistant because she asked for more money. We all know it's because she wasn't fuuckung him but hey that American way..

  11. When Bernie was winning primaries and AOC won, I realized that progressives and Democratic Socialist didn't need corporate money. With those two celebrities, I thought we could actually out-raise the corporate Democrats and Republicans. But after donating a sh*t ton of money to these two, they threw their lot in with the corporate Democrats. When I heard Tina Turner say "you will be disappointed" I knew immediately what that meant and stopped donating.

  12. The progressive are corporate shills Jimmy is so correct Did we get a 15 dollars a hour wage nationally? Did we get M4A student loans forgiveness Paid sick leave medical debt forgiveness What did the progressive get for the common people????? Jimmy put the truth out there

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