Nina Turner Defends Party That Shuns Her

Progressive firebrand Nina Turner is challenging incumbent corporatist Democrat Shontel Brown in the race to represent Ohio’s 11th Congressional district. With the primary coming up soon, Turner tweeted that the GOP is working to prevent her victory. Jimmy tweeted back at Turner, pointing out that not even the Congressional Progressive Caucus was supporting her, so any alleged GOP’s opposition was the least of her worries. And with that, Turner blocked Jimmy.

Jimmy and podcaster Sabby Sabs discuss how the onetime darling of the progressive left has embraced the Democratic Party that has never wanted to have anything to do with her.

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  1. Im here in the UK and im laughing about americans talking about the Left,what Left ,your so called Left are conservatives right wing compared to our left.what a joke ,that lady is right.

  2. I really hate that Kyle Kulinski refers to our anger and frustration as"Nihilism" – LIKE IT WAS US WHO STOPPED CARING!

    It's such a fucking insult, because we're the only one's who actually do care…..unlike him.

  3. Pay in cash to as many small businesses as possible. Grow as much of your own food as possible. Purchase as much 2nd hand clothing and electronics as possible.Only vote third party no matter what. Little changes matter. Stop feeding the donors as much as possible.

  4. Progressives need to feel like they are progressing.

    They need to be kept busy, but ineffective.

    Inequality exists on two axes:

    Y-axis – top to bottom

    X-axis – Across genders, races, etc …..

    The traditional Left work on the Y-axis and would be a problem when you want to increase Y-axis inequality.

    The Liberal Left work on the X-axis.

    You can increase Y-axis inequality while the liberal Left are busy on the X-axis.

    As long as they are doing nothing about Y-axis inequality, this is a result.

    We need to keep the debate on the X-axis and this is easier said than done; it is getting a bit silly.

    The liberal left are a lot better than the alternative.

  5. All the politicians that Jimmy backed have turned their backs on him. I’m not surprised. Watching Jimmy get rudely awakened is glorious. He’s too good of a person to lionize these frauds.

  6. So sad seeing The Fall of Nina. There's just no one in politics you can trust any more. I'll never vote for or donate to anyone saying they're involved with the Democratic Party again. WIsh I could get refunds for Bernia, AOC and Nina for false advertising.

  7. Those people calling you nihilists are “MANAGERIAL PROGRESSIVES,” which is what I’ve been calling them since they revealed themselves after the 2016 election.

  8. They ALL love to take corporate money… not just Pelosi…. the “democratic” party IS a right wing corporatist party…. its been so since Clinton. Clinton supporters are corporatists. The same with Obama and Biden. Those are ALL corporate candidates plus most other politicians with a (d) in front of their name. IT IS A CORPORATE PARTY… they just choose the name “democratic” party so fools will stay in it.

  9. it isn't up to the state to solve ANYTHING, especially at the federal level. things work best at a level we can understand, locally. Nationally, and now internationally, see how the govt throws all this money to other countries for their own agendas.

  10. Jimmy, I am a fan! But I really have to ask, why do you still believe in progressive politicians? You got the upper hand on all of them. You catch all of their bullshit. Why would you believe in any of them?

  11. Nearly every politician enters politics for fame, power and/or money. If not, they see the rot and join in it. It's just a matter of time until they show their intentions to the observant.

  12. instead of constant bitching about the hypocracy of the dems (and that's an endless topic), why not use your platform to organize people? it could be like…little local direct action homework assignments…ya know…as a way to get shit done, and not just sit around reading the comments of how much people love your show. aren't you tired of that already?

  13. Before covid fast food workers wanted $15/h wage. Now most businesses are offering $15/h and nobody wants to go to work.

    How come most immigrants can come into this country and make it meanwhile people who were born here do not?

    Work ethics. First generation immigrants have unbelievable work ethics vs people who were born in this country

    People are looking for free money and handout these days

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