NJ restaurant REFUSES to limit capacity, owner says “PUT ME IN JAIL!”

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Written by Louis Rossmann


  1. I've always wondered why I don't think of Louis as an American. It's because his opinions aren't premade according to an arbitrary side hypothetically chosen at some point in his late teens/early adulthood. He has an individual opinion that is informed but not overwhelmed by the opinions of others. Your stance annoys a lot of people because it doesn't fit neatly into any boxes and instead of coming to an understanding you are lumped into the "covid is a hoax" box by the young crowd and also lumped into the "militant lockdown crowd" box by the covid is a hoax people

  2. That cut at 12:08 gives me the creeps, cutting a sentence when it’s not even over and stitch it with the next sentence that who knows what was said before its like a YoutubePoop done badly when it seemed you had a thought process about to disrupt your own believes about a fake disease that you are afraid to death of with literally no reason if you have never feared the flu.

  3. could be because some younger people tend to follow what experts say, and some elderly people are stuck in an "old way" of thinking. For me, the death rate compared to what autopsy reports show and reports on the lungs and hearts of survivors, is enough to understand that even if you survive the virus, what happens afterwards could cause you to suffer for the rest of your life.
    “It could be that the purpose of your life is only to serve as a warning to others.” ― Ashleigh Brilliant

  4. So,
    1/ public health orders shouldn’t be up to personal choice because the recommendation is not for you. And the order should only include necessary actions, everything else should just be recommendations.

    2/ public health orders affecting businesses should be accompanied with economic compensation for effects of orders (gov cannot undo all the hurt but provide some safety nets). Other countries have several different support packages to employees and business owners,

    3/ a weak state with high debt, low tax and minimal social support structures are ill prepared for crisis. The state cannot provide the needed assistances when issuing public health orders, various revolts against order are just to be anticipated and prolong and increase the crisis.

  5. Did you have the same thoughts on restaurants when it was 2017/18 flu season? No? Then STFU and go dine in those packed restaurants. Flu caused more deaths but nobody seems to care. ✌️

  6. Anecdotes are not data. And you have a rather big problem with selection bias as you only meet those who're willing to go out.

    I have met quite a few – both young and old – who're absolutely terrified of going out right now. Just a few days ago I met an elderly woman who simply could not believe that I dared touch a door handle in a public place without cleaning it with disinfectant first.

  7. He has a point. Stores have no limit on capacity unless they make one themselves, like some small shops that limits how many people can be in at one time to protect themselves. Wal Mart is always packed so why are restaurants being limited?

  8. 67 I go out all the time I don't care I I have three Health underlying condition it's b***** and I didn't get sick I have the antibody is b*****

  9. People of our generation (old) have been through world wars, depressions, and a lot worse during their lifetime, we have no fear of dying. We know we will eventually.

  10. I would say there is types of old people. One who doesn’t really care and two who take this pandemic seriously so they stay home. So I think Louis only meet the people that are out and about.

  11. You absolutely 100 percent should stay open and run your business. This is not Ebola and we all carry a personal responsibility. So I would love it if people would mind their own business while you run yours. I wish you all the best.

  12. Attilis Gym got over restrictions by labeling their business as a political campaign office, which have much lessened requirements according to New Jersey orders. There are ways to adhere to the letter of the law while subverting the spirit. I hope this restaurant finds one.

  13. No one wears masks in our town anymore anywhere. Not in the gas stations, the bars, or restaurants. The only place is Ace Hardware because they are the only place that enforces it. Walmart "tries" to enforce it. But you can walk right in..
    A main highway passes through our town, so on the weekends we are busy as hell from all the people coming from 2-6 hours south up here to vacation.
    None of them wear masks, neither do we.

    The county has 45 confirmed cases. 5 deaths.. (the 5 were in an old folks home..)

    So IDK.. Call us all horrible people. But we have people from Detroit and Toledo hanging out with us on the regular and its been that way since April..