NO $2,000 CHECKS! — GOP Senate Stops Trump’s Stimulus Demand.

Force The Vote! We demand that every progressive in Congress refuse to vote for Nancy Pelosi for Speaker of the House until she publicly pledges to bring Medicare for all to the floor of the House for a vote in January:

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  1. What is this Medicare for ALL shit u keep bringing up? I worked ALL my life for my Medicare benefit. I DON'T agree if u haven't worked for it, u DON'T get it! There's enough handouts in this country to people that haven't earned it! I can't fill my grocery cart up like a mtn. Like i've seen Alot of people & pay by a govmt. card! W' 5-6 kids hanging off the cart! Pitiful & SOO Wrong! Can't feed em don't BREED em people! Then WE have to feed them! Wake up gov.!

  2. I don't get how they expect Americans to be okay after shutting down the economy and costing Americans their jobs and they think a one time payment of 600 dollars is supposed to be enough for people to live on. What a joke.

  3. McConnell`s Chinese wife is under investigation for getting 100`s of millions from the national bank of China for her family`s Shipping company , That she regulates as Secretary of transportation . The McConnells are to busy securing 100`s of millions from China for themselves to care about the people they serve.

  4. Because they are starting to find that 4 states who had voter fraud are taking back their electors because they investigated because the courts ignored it.And now they are in panic mode,because Trump may win now,and they will be FIRED.He would like to give more but these fuck faces block anything Trump does no matter what it is.

  5. So 17% to 22% rule the majority during lock downs? With the 10% Elite having 70% of all wealth??? How about redistributing all their money…

  6. I am a "Trump supporter" and am anti-Communist/Socialist. The Repub and Dem parties are two con-artist actors in one establishment scam against the people.

  7. Our beautiful main street in my small town is going to be boarded up more than ever. This is cruel & hostile what they are doing AND on purpose!

  8. I stopped listening to those people a long time ago. When they proved that they don't have the mental acuity, to govern. All they do is lie cheat and steal.

  9. You mean bernie's 2k stimulus demand. The house's voted on and approved stimulus demand. Not just trump but you gotta keep your base of conservatives happy I guess.

  10. Chump knew there's no way this current government is gonna help anyone but themselves. Anyone pushing for what "great" things chump is doing better get ready to pay more and more money to your leader.

  11. Mitch is wrong. Paying out $2000 to everyone including the rich is fair. Only giving $2000 to the poor is not fair because it would penalize the middle class and the wealthy. Why should I be penalized for working hard?