No Brexit deal? Then no money for EU! (4k)

Unless the EU agrees to a deal with the UK, they should not get a penny of the Brexit divorce payment say two former Tory ministers.

According to former Tory leader and Secretary of State for Work and Pensions, Sir Iain Duncan Smith – or IDS for short – and former Brexit minister David Jones, the EU has not met its obligations to act in good faith in negotiating a post Brexit trade deal – so shouldn’t get another penny of the £39 billion Brexit divorce bill.

This could also extend to the other provisions in the Withdrawal Agreement, which have been a growing concern to members of the Tory Party Eurosceptic ‘European Research Group’, or ‘ERG’.

And the two Tories argue that with no trade deal the obligations in the Withdrawal Agreement should fall.

There are worries that, due to the pressures placed on the EU and eurozone economies by the rather unexpected ravages of the pandemic, the Withdrawal Agreement treaty could leave the way open for Brussels to demand billions from the UK to help rebuild the EU, or even keep it afloat.




Written by Jeff Taylor

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  1. whybshouldn't the UK declare UDI and Just ignore Europe for the separate natiom state that iit is theUK doesn't really need to trade with the EU st all whilst we'rectradimg with CANZUK the USA amd the TPP! so we should just turn our backs om thecEUand walk away!

  2. Any Agreement always limits the extends you can act, and trying to extort anything won't go, play the nasty way, you get the nasty way, you stupid person without a neck

  3. I remember M.Barnier saying, "nothing is agreed, until everything is agreed". How sweet that will sound when "Doris" hopefully tells the EU to Fox-trot Oscar on December 31st.
    No agreement – no payment. Just quote M. Barnier and remind him of his earlier words.
    "Fishing and motors and ship-building dockyards… regulation and rulings by retards…….mining and tech-skills and aerospace kings….these are a few of my favourite things"!!!!

  4. My take .the deal is already there and this is all just bloody posturing. Meanwhile supertrawlers continue to hoover up all the bloody fish whilst we do nothing. Grrrrrr

  5. I prey that our government dont give europe an inch on the fishing waters around our coast where theyve fished for generations its ours and ours alone watch how fish stocks come back up. we also need strict laws on trespassers who continue to poach our waters like the french say theyre going to do anyway. We need to punish them from day one so they know the score not just chasing the odd boat back to the 22 mile mark only to watch them return the next day politicians reading this need to be aware that this is going to happen en mass for a long time so make the punishment hard and fast from day one.

  6. UK give them nothing they have all ready stolen my incomsurport and my disability and my mobility cars and I'm not the only one millions have had changese to treasonous UK nobs that run things backwards

  7. 80% of the UK economy are services (which are not exportable) of the remaining 20% ​​10% are cars whose parts are manufactured in the EU. UK is a III world country .
    In 5 years Scotland Independent and Ireland reunited . City of London R.I.P.

  8. It seems to me that the EU ( in particular France and Germany)is doing it's utmost to try and hobble the UK, to make us suffer for daring to leave and to make an example to those who may follow. As for a No deal Brexit, we don't need the EU half as much as they need us!

  9. If the EU is so bad for the UK, why has our currency depreciated so much against the Euro (and the dollar) since we decided to leave?

  10. I will boycott any brexit-supporting company. May they drown in their own nationalist xenophobic racist filth. The EU doesn't need the money, they should show the bully that the UK has become the door. As the brexiteers used to say, it's not about the money. The UK has moved the goal posts so often that they show that cannot be trusted. It will be a catastrophe for all of us living here in this country, but the brexiteers need to be shown the consequences of their actions.

  11. So britain should run from the agreements they signed (the so called divorce payment is a sum of signed contracts the uk made with the eu, also some before the brexit referendum even was) and agreed to? Nice look for a nation to not pay the debt they have.
    No Deal doesnt btw cancel the WA.

  12. Funny how there still are people who think that the U.K. is holding the trump (nope, not THAT idiot) cards.
    Not paying the divorce bill = not paying after filling up your car…. See how that goes.
    FWIW U.K. exports to EU = 40%
    EU to U.K. exports = 10%

  13. This has already dragged on far too long. The UK should make a unilateral withdraw – a hard Brexit – and default on any perceived debts. Once this is done, it will be more likely that the EU will perceive the UK as an independent sovereign country. If the EU then decides not to trade with the UK, that will be the EU simply harming themselves with no benefit.