No. China Is Not Going To Collapse… Yet

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0:00 – 1:27 Intro
1:28 – 2:32 Brilliant
2:33 – 6:03 China’s economic problems
6:04 – 7:00 Real estate bubble
7:01 – 9:20 Cost competitiveness
9:21 – 11:14 Bridges to nowhere
11:15 – 13:00 Belt and road initiative
13:01 – 14:44 Over-reliance on real estate
14:45 – 16:00 Banking system
16:01 – 18:43 Why China won’t collapse
18:44 – 20:12 Business cycle
20:13 – 21:11 Inflation
21:12 – 22:22 Political system
22:23 – 26:30 End of the economic miracle?
26:31 – 27:54 Clickbait
27:55 You don’t want China to collapse

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  1. Congrats for this video and all the work you've done
    As per usual you show how our world is linked together and a Chinese "collapse" wouldn't help anyone…. Economy is not just numbers, it's real people in the end.

    Taking time to explain is the main reason I enjoy your channel. We don't know what the next years would look like for anyone, but at least we have some pointers, and we could not say that we didn't know!!!

  2. As a Chinese undergraduate I must say that the china’s economy has collapsed.There’s hard to find a job that match your major in school even you are graduated from one of the most famous university.Most of them either choose to upgrade their education Level or join the CCP’s government.As for those who enter the labor or should I call it slave market,most of the job need you to work for 12hours a day and the salary is less than 1500 dollars per month.And you can’t even talk about these in the Chinese social media directly.If anyone who live in the development country want to experience the Chinese paradise economic life I am glad to exchange with you 😊.

  3. I just LOVE how you say ‘mate’ at the end of your videos, it’s just so quintessentially Australian! Plus you’re always balanced towards reality rather than clickbait Touché mate!!

  4. Everyone always says China's official figures "have often been altered," but nobody can tell me when they were altered or which things were altered or how we know they were altered. I'm not saying it isn't true, I'm asking where? When? And if you can't tell me, how do you know it's true?
    If anyone knows of proof that China alters its figures, please show me.

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