No deal Brexit shock may be too much for Ireland to bear says report! (4k)

An official briefing paper for the Irish government says that, on top of the pandemic, a second shock from a hard Brexit might overwhelm the Republic’s economy.

The Irish Times says that a government briefing document has warned the Irish foreign affairs minister, Simon Coveney, that:

“Households and businesses may not have the capacity to withstand a second economic shock as a result of a hard Brexit at the end of the year, …”

And the document itself says that the Republic of Ireland is :

“…facing into Brexit from a fundamentally different economic starting point than for a no-deal Brexit in 2019.”

And that, taking the Coronavirus pandemic into account:

“…the capacity of households and businesses to manage a second economic shock will be more limited …”

Coveney has been warned that protecting the €85 billion trade link with the UK is vital to Ireland’s economic recovery.




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Written by Jeff Taylor

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  3. Bye bye Ireland ….. go play with your eu masters because the UK doesn't need you. Oh .. and you can stick your beef and kerrygold where the sun doesn't shine as far as we are concerned.

  4. I would like to see a report on how the southern Irish fishing fleet and, dock vessels from other EU countries have increased so much when considering the Irish fishing fleet was in decline and out dated on till one year ago. But now their is a lot more Irish fleet vessels brand-new / newly registered foreign boats with Irish fishing quotas

  5. Ireland's exports to the US are five times that of it's UK trade & is the only EU member with which the UK has a substantial trade surplus. Ireland buys more UK goods and services than all the BRIC countries combined….

  6. N.I.: A substantial majority voted to, 'REMAIN'.
    It would be sensible for N.I. to re-unite with Eire.
    Those who wont stomach that? Buy them Out!
    (A substantial number wish for a Re-Union for historical reasons!)

  7. I won't rehash the data here. But the impact of a no-deal Brexit will hit only some specific sectors and locations in the Irish Republic. The big picture (macro-economic) will not be severe. A gulp and a hiccup for a year or two.