No Exceptions: A Story of Medical Tyranny in Australia

Betty Pezzimenti runs her own food truck and catering business. She is facing a vaccine mandate with which she can not comply for health reasons, and from which she cannot seem to get an exemption.

Betty’s catering business:
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00:00 Welcome Betty Pezzimenti from Australia
01:32 Betty’s allergies and medical history
11:15 Betty’s experience trying to get medical exemption and ludicrous wait times
23:00 “Get vaccinated for those who can’t”
26:30 Bret’s guilt towards the situation
30:01 Betty’s Instagram post and response
34:13 Failure of medical community and finding a decent medical professional
39:50 Exemption delay and administrative bullsh**
47:30 Betty’s blood disorders
50:00 Government app and temporary exemption
54:00 Pandemic management bill
55:53 Raiding a doctor’s office for giving out exemptions
01:03:10 Poland offering refuge to Australians
01:10:50 Changing legislation
01:11:57 Australia unrest over COVID
01:22:01 Are Australia 6 months ahead of the northern hemisphere?
01:23:01 Wrap up and follow Betty to support her
01:25:35 Afterword

Written by Bret Weinstein


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  1. The government (or rather, the various state governments, as it varies a bit by state) have rigged the exemptions. It is pretty much impossible to get one, as Betty's well documented story shows. But beyond that, the regulatory body, the AHPRA are gagging doctors from saying anything negative about the 'vaccines', as well as, in my belief, de-registering any doctor that does write an exemption. It is clearly not about health. I have had a lot of bad reactions, including anaphylaxis, to drugs, with the worst offenders being vaccines and analgesics. It means, post-operatively, I basically cannot have any pain relief – I have to tolerate post-operative pain without any pain relief.

    Additionally, we have things like the Prime Minister's brother, being a bigwig at the TGA, the government body monitoring the side-effects of these drugs (equivalent to both the FDA and the VAERS, fulfilling both functions).

    Both the Australian Constitution and the (various) Charters of Human Rights forbid (or at least have strong controls) regarding lockdowns, quarantine, and forced medical procedures, but these are being ignored by state and federal government, who hope that nobody notices. There is worse going on here, with reports of forced vaccinations (and quarantine camps) with our Indigenous Australians. Until the larger population get a clue about all of what is going on, many will die or be injured by these drugs.

  2. Oh Betty I'm from NSW and I know many self employed people here who are not vaccinated.
    I'm assuming your self employed apologies if I'm mistaken.
    Could you just jump the border?

  3. Bret, look at the trial site news podcast interview with the Australian vaccine developer. Humble, lovely person, slipping in SHOCKING information. Youtube removed it. Check it out on Odysee.

  4. Bret, Canada – Calgary Alberta, had a Dr's office raided this week, on the hunt for exemption records that the college of physicians did not approve of/felt were misleading.

  5. Any protest in Canada, has been met with underreporting of the sizes of the crowds, and misrepresentations of the crowds. For instance, when thousands of front line workers (nurses, police, firemen) protested, they were labelled by the media as a 'few flaky anti-vaxxers', and their professions never entered into it.

  6. I’m not surprised to hear this at all. I live in Australia and what’s happening here is disgusting. It’s a tyrannical country with most people being brainwashed sheep who’ll do what the government tells them without thinking. Can’t wait to leave back to Europe.

  7. 27:30 This is the very embodiment of CATCH 22!!

    Only God will be able to help the West when the CCP deliberately releases their genetically modified plague for which only they will have previously engineered the cure!!
    But hey!! Adolf Hitler published Mein Kampf which told of his virulent hated of France, Russian, & his genocidal intentions towards the Jews,… and people still choose to trust him!??!?

  8. Bret there are 2 Men , Cowardly types, who hide behind unjust laws, mandates and a corrupted police force. Their names are Daniel Andrews and Brett Sutton swamp creatures of the Victorian Labour Party. These 2 men will go down in Victorian history as the 2 most evil men in our history. They are both pathetic individuals who need to face a judge over many crimes.

  9. It's really very simple; Comply or DIE?!?! What if I die by complying? Die then,.. and hurry up about it!

    Even Monty Python could never satirize this; It far too fantastic!??!

  10. Imagine the pressure the government places on medical practitioners to do this … and imagine how great the incentive would need to be to make the government behave this way. The State Premier here (like a governor for Americans) does not behave like somebody who relies on the public vote to keep his job. Something changed, he no longer has any fear, he is emboldened and arrogant.

  11. I can find so much solidarity in comment sections. In real life, I'm totally alone. The mandate has taken my right to earn, and feed myself. No family for support. I keep wondering what it will be like, if I will starve to death, or how i'll cope once my savings gets below $100. I just don't know. I really can't believe that my country Australia is like this now. There's now escape.

  12. the most mind boggling fact is how in this world these fascist-vax countries are MANDATING vaccines that DO NOT EVEN WORK WELL on the delta variant. They had plenty of time to develop real delta boosters within weeks, but rather keep vaccinating people instead of ending the pandemic

  13. I’m so sorry. You are about my daughter’s age. If this happened to her, I would be more than outraged. Prayers for your health and livelihood. I wish you could come to the US. WHERE IS THE HUMANITY?

  14. If you can accept that the aim is for you to die, preferably quickly and quietly then everything makes sense. Listened to 1.5 hours of people who have had very little interaction with the state before now.

  15. Another Melbournian here and yes, despite having had Covid twice and having dramatic levels of antibodies I can't get an exemption.
    So I'm just living under the radar and waiting for the other shoe to fall. There will be massive problems in the near future especially as we're all being instructed to get boosters. So many people are suddenly developing cancers or chronic disease and sooner or later the tsunami of damaged people will overwhelm all our systems. And no, I'm not crowing; all my family are vaxxed. They have jobs that have people contact so it was forced upon them. Jab or job. How on earth did we get here?

  16. It’s our stratosphere in my opinion. They’re trying to stop people from using gas. Especially jet fuel. We could have had hydrogen vehicles in the 70’s but the oil companies bought up the patents, promising the inventors they’d roll them out. Then shelved then. If this had happened, we wouldn’t be in this position today. Get a climate scientist to talk about the ozone on your show. California has hydrogen vehicles. Some days California has 0% carbon emissions. I’m guessing because of being interested in this science since the 70’s. If I talk about it, even before cancel culture, I’d get brushed off. Just a guess.

  17. To the extreme lefty crowd who may be hate scrolling the comments… Take your replacement of private health care system with a public option for universal health care only and shove a 12-24 month wait up your argument… Bunch of idiots.

    And the 11 month wait for private care is highly due to the govt subsidies for private health… The govt props up this industry so they dont have to focus on patient care they focus ob gaining extra govt funding.

  18. The compnent that is missing in these discussions, that may explain why these incomprehensible demoralizing bureaucrats are stonewalling her, is the spiritual. We are living in a souless world.

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