No jab, no job is coercion (Maajid Nawaz & Bret Weinstein)

Bret speaks with Maajid Nawaz who was the founding chairman of Quilliam, a counter-extremism think tank that sought to challenge the narratives of Islamist extremists and, until January 2022, was the host of an LBC radio show on Saturdays and Sundays.
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Mentioned in this clip:
UNESCO Universal Declaration on Bioethics and Human Rights, Article 6: Consent:

Under-30s offered alternative to Oxford-AstraZeneca jab:

0.096% fatality rate – British parliamentary record:

Pfizer documents on ~1200 deaths in first 90 days of vaccine roll-out:

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  1. Unfortunately Madjid hurrried through the most important message that he delivered. “If you see but cannot perceive, please step aside and let us fight this deamon for you! (I’m parafrasing, but bare with me he said it in under 3 seconds)

  2. We have to consider what is their endgame? We know "vaccines" were rushed. They could only get emergency approval if there were no other potential treatments. So no options were allowed to be discussed. If something was found to be effective they could not issue emergency approval. Then they told us you get the jab you are safe, won't get COVID and won't pass it on. False on all accounts. They locked us down, which was not a tried and true measure for this situation. They started a concerted effort to vaccinate ages that were not in peril and force masking even though the most effective masks on the market are only 15 % effective at best. Most non medical masks did nothing. You couldn't go to church but you could go to a strip club, liquor store, protest shoulder to shoulder with others. Jails freed prisoners because the crowded environments were deemed dangerous but business owners who tried to stay open to save their businesses, life savings, homes etc were thrown in jail or threatened with jail time if they didn't close their doors. All this and more! Ask yourself why? I believe in all my heart, soul and being that "they" are doing this to be able to gain acceptance to everyone having to have digital id. Whether it is a card or a document or even an injection (yes they do have this technology) they want this information. After 911 they took away some of our rights to "protect" us. COVID will never go away. The way they addressed the matter insured there would always be mutations. They knew this. We now know this too but after the fact. Why? Because they are not looking out for us the people. We are just pawns on the game they are playing.

  3. I remember seeing temporary tents set up at hospitals and they had the drive through vaccine available. I was shocked every time I drove by just that one location at how many people were accepting this ! The propaganda on the radio and Tv ! Started out all innocent like get your free beer or hot dog then it became threats about your job and lively hood. Well I never submitted to their bull crap and never got the so called vaccine .

  4. The same people enacting the tyranny were against taking the vaccine when called the "Trump vaccine". "we'll see whats in it", did they find out what was in it, did they even take it?

  5. Thank The Lord for AFLMDS who gave cures on SC steps early 2020. Being forewarned and forearmed I chose to retire from Healthcare late 2020. True 🩸

  6. I'm only 18 and I'm being pressured to have the booster vaccine. It makes me very uncomfortable, I see no medical reason for it. People think I'm weird or extreme for having doubts and being an "anti-vaxer". I just want the truth, and I don't think anyone knows it fully. But I don't think it's wise to have the booster especially as I'm so young. Anyone else in a similar situation?

  7. I live in the Midwest U.S. I was on the kidney transplant list almost two years having past all the requirements and tests, I receive a phone call informing me I now need to get "vaccinated" and have my passport card proving that or I would be permanently removed. It has been three years and I have been coming to terms that I will never get a transplant and then when the SHTF soon I will die. PEACE.

  8. My wife teaches online and has for fifteen years. She has not stepped foot on campus, in person, at Pima Community College in Tucson, since 2012. Nonetheless, she was told to "comply" and get the shot, or lose her job of 15 years. We went with the religious exemption, and had a medical exemption in our back pocket in case the first one didn't take. It did, and she was "allowed" to keep her job, under the condition that she was not allowed to step foot on campus. Fine! That place is a pit of over-administrated Virtual Admiration Society meetings and Hawaiian Shirt Friday silliness. Now she has a reason to NEVER show up to one of their "team building workshops" that waste hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars annually. Perfect!

  9. You’ve gotta get your head around this one, by definition this whole jab thing is a crime against humanity as defined by the Nuremberg code ,yet Big Pharma and everybody involved in this crime is being granted immunity from libel .
    A dream come true for every criminal in history, 
    Joe Mengele is exonerated by this pretzel logic , one might deduce.

  10. Many unalived themselves over loosing their jobs. A couple of incidents were wiped from news media when people started sharing it because when they set themselves on fire they had signs up over the mandates. One lady was in her car had a sign in the car window and passed, the other a man not sure what happened to him. This happened in Australia. Many things were done that were wrong, reducing age of consent for the jab to 14 years old, so they don't need parental consent any longer.

  11. Personally, I feel that this uncannily mirrors the model that psychiatry has been using for eons. Lock up, medicate, ostracize, and economically punish. Trust and comply, comply, comply.

  12. For doing the bidding of the NWO, big pharma and the medical community must face Nuremberg III along with many world leaders. Realtors hope for doctors who need to invest their excess earning.

  13. Get out of the cities, plant a garden, learn to hunt and fish. Build a community, take care of the young and old. Take care of your health. Disneyland and Las Vegas can go to hell.

  14. I have a co-worker who recently was hospitalized for pneumonia. He was placed in the ICU. He discovered that there were only TWO nurses to cover the entire ICU, and on some shifts only ONE! This was because the nurses who refused the mRNA vaccines were fired. He was fortunate to be able to recover without any problems due to the low staffing numbers.

  15. Forcing anybody to take an experimental injection of any kind is a 100% pure violation of human rights. What’s horrifying is the fact that most doctors, medical professionals and the institutions all support it! The system and individuals whose job it is to protect peoples health are 100% in support of taking away peoples human rights and freedom of health! I’m mind boggled.

  16. I know so many Germans who avoided the jab through the assistance of good people in the medical professions – the resistance is happening on many levels and it will orevail.

  17. Maajid is on it. Absolutely need various secular centers and others too where
    it is safe to discuss. However I feel there's a subversive element that WOULD
    report organizers. Like Tamara Lich, for example, or James Topp.
    And if you help, you're put out. It's that heavy.
    So, although community SEEMS good, there are too many spies looking for points.

  18. Hijacking the water supply as a way to subject whole populations to medication is even more insidious. How have water companies and Governments got away with fluoridation for so long when it contravenes all the basic medical safeguards? If this experiment truly was safe and effective, as parroted, then the fluoride compounds used should be purified to Pharmaceutical Standards and have a Medical Product's Licence. Such shortcomings show that they are failing in their duty to protect the public and as such are unfit to serve the public. Even proponents now recognise that the main benefit is from topical application, not systemic. With less than 1% of the medicated water reaching the supposed target, children whose teeth are developing, that means that over 99% is a total waste of public money. Clearly, this is just a way for fluoride polluting industries to dispose of their toxic waste, at public expense!

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