No need for a Cognitive Test here….

T – S H I R T S –

T W I T T E R –

I N S T A G R A M –

P A T R E O N –

T H A N K S F O R W A T C H I N G !

Written by John Talks


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  1. Dear People of the Earth
    Victory does not belong to any man. Victory belongs to Jesus Christ cos He is the Victory on the Earth.
    The land belongs to God and sadly it fell into the wrong hands. No man should be fighting for the land. Every individual was born naked so when they die they take nothing with them. Government are the MERCHANTS and the Bible says loudly proudly and clearly that – You MERCHANTS were the most powerful in all the WORLD, and with your FALSE MAGIC you DECEIVED all the people's of the WORLD. REVELATION18:24
    Who are the MERCHANTS ON EARTH? The answer is the GOVERNMENT in every country cos they are busy trading from one country to another. Read Romans13
    God is well aware and this is all his doing in the interim that people will change but as it stands our Government's are getting worse by the day. Sadly we just got to pray.
    All the Governor's are conspiring and due to their bad behaviour, The whole EARTH is in the hands of the WICKED, and God blinds the EYES of the JUDGES. JOB9:24
    If God blinds the eyes of the Judges then this promise in itself tells us yet again that God is Large and He is in Charge. So please people do not say Victory to Putin or Victory to ZelenSKY cos if they both had hearts for the people, they would have ended this war. More than 100 children have died and we are on day 22 already. Mother's are wailing for loss of their children, loss of their homes, loss of their husbands and loss of their future. Please, Kindly read out aloud the Book of Psalms as it is a Prayer Book for the Nation's and the Nation's are fighting against each other for power and wealth which both belongs to God and they think they going to get away. Read Mark13:7. Let us rise up in Prayer Power and take back the land, our children, our husbands and our future from Satan itself.
    2Chronicles15:6 says, Nation fought against nation, and City against city, for GOD was TROUBLING them with every kind of problem.
    True Story, We have Wars internally and externally in and amongst the Governments around the World.
    We have COVID that has covered the Earth in every country and city.
    We have natural disasters in every country and city.
    So this Scripture is a rather powerful one that we should dwell on and take all matters to God. It is only obvious that God knows what He is doing and He for sure knows who his children are. Please take time and read Psalms91 daily cos that is the power of PROTECTION from the Word of God and when you RECITE it daily, God places his armies of angels around you and your Family. I'm a South African and my heart is devastated seeing that our children has to fight in the wars for the greed of the merchants which is the governments. Let us rise up in Prayer cos whil all the Government Leaders are looking for AMMUNITION, We have the WORD of GOD which is indeed our AMMUNITION and it is stronger than guns and missiles when we RECITE it.
    Thank you and have a blessed day further.

  2. This guy isn't well. Can his wife not tell him straight ? And all those who let him speak publicly ? He's doing himself a disfavor too. He has enough miles on the clock, he served his country well.

  3. It's just like the movie, Weekend at Bernie's, except you can actually see the strings being pulled and the curtains moving behind Biden, I just can't figure out how they get his mouth to move.

  4. Person woman man camera tv
    I'm guessing this means you support Trump who in every conceivable measure is the worst US president in modern history. Who committed dozens of crimes in office, lied thousands of times, got impeached twice, lost more jobs than in the great depression and incited a riot on the United States capitol to murder law makers and install him into another administration after lying in mass for months about the election.

    But go ahead edit some bullshit instead of actually winning support on a legitimate policy platform.

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