“No one will make big deal over it, except that Asshole Youtuber, Jimmy Dore”

Mayor Pete was told by the corrupt Democratic establishment to declare victory in Iowa democratic caucuses. No one in the media calls Mayor Pete out on his bizarre behavior as shown here, save one Self-Deprecating, Jagoff Pothead comedian called Jimmy Dore.

#JimmyDore #IndependentMedia

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  1. What is he doing for anyone? All he does is go on fox news and giggle with a white Nationalist. And mostly goes after well meaning progressives. Rarely does he go after the right or the alt right. His analysis of class and economic issues are just angry rants.

  2. One of the reasons I like Dore also. He won't play the lesser of 2 evil game. He tells the truth about our 1 party and not having a choice for the last 50 years. Biden=Trump=Obama=Bush

  3. I appreciate his honestly and how he's holding these fucking people's feet to the fire. I don't agree with him 100% of the time, but more than I agree with any of the others in his space.

  4. No voter fraud in this country. And Otto Kerner, George Ryan, Rod Blagojevich, and Dan Walker, (Illinois governors) didn’t go to prison.

    And after Michelle Obama left her sinecure at University of Chicago medical center, she was replaced, not.

  5. Don't forget the military complex Jimmy Dore I watched both coastal colleges locked out in their dorms yelling about being locked in. Then when they get there they are locked out. It was a joke when I have zero voice nope no one listens to us.

  6. Strange? You don't like Jimmy Dore because he advocates for no war, Medicare for all, living wage, student debt relief, mortgage and rent forgiveness and a third political party? You like him because he clowns on useless and worthless political frauds? Ok? Welcome to the future people.

  7. Jimmy Dore is like nature. Neither beautiful, nor ugly. He just 'is'.
    And I respect his fearlessness to tell the truth however hard it is to hear. He called out Bernie's shilling way before I could face it. And he took shit for it. But he was right.

  8. You Mr. Dore , have an amazing grasp of the obvious. Scream it from the mountain tops ! Or . . .
    simply post videos on YouTube.
    You are restricted by the obsolescence of the medium through which you are " trying to convey your message. "
    I appreciate your efforts , as well as do many others.
    Thanks for the laughs. Peace ✌

  9. As a European, I rely on Dore a lot to get some understanding of what's happening in the US.
    That ol' grifting white supremacist closet extreme right wing Trump apologist sex offender really grew on me.
    And doesn't Mike MacRae do the best Biden impression out there?

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