No Republicans Watched Mail in Ballot Count 3353

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  1. People who are logistics experts (preferably ex-military) need to develop plans concerning how to support hundreds of thousands of patriots camped around Washington DC. How to get food, ammunition, medical supplies to them for many weeks.

  2. 10 trolls with thumbs down compared to 2k likes with thumbs up, Reminds me of Trump for President votes compared to Biden’s measly 10 President votes (which are probably fake too)!

  3. It doesn't take a rocket-scientist to see the fix is in – including from the GOP establishment. IF Rudy and his establishment GOP buddies truly wanted to bring transparency to the situation they would satisfy the biggest demand coming from everywhere – SHOW US THE PROOF! If you want to win a propaganda war, SHOW SOME INTERVIEWS WITH EYE-WITNESSES WHO EXPERIENCED THE FRAUD FIRST HAND and get them in front of ANY media. Something tells me this won't happen and it ain't because of the LEFT. What's more dangerous, the wolf or the wolf in sheep's clothing?!

  4. Whenever I watch a video with YouTube’s little PSA shown below the video saying Joe Biden won and “Robust safeguards help ensure the integrity of elections and results.” I give them feedback by hitting the three dots next to ‘SHOW ME’ and writing “Please remove your little PSA. People don’t watch this video to see what you think.”

  5. If the DOJ does not do something to arrest those involved and set this straight than this steal will be allowed. Trump has a duty to defend and protect the Constitution of the U.S.A.. I am afraid the fix is in. Bill Barr may need to be replaced with Joe diGenova or Sydney Powell. They should have been picked before Bill Barr. The deep state rolled Trump on his AG pick twice.

  6. More important to focus on $2.25 million Clinton Foundation grant to Dominion in 2014, other Dem machine investors in Dominion rather than Venezuela. CIA uses coup process (including vote switching) in other countries that it used in 2020 elections.Stay focused.

  7. ? Great Movie ? ? Judge Janine.. Cancelled from FOX Find her and Support her. ? Spread the word. Use this channel. Newsmax, OAN and China looking to No longer be Communist. Internal Split. Pray for the Good People of China. ?