NO RETREAT! America Is About To #StopTheSteal | Good Morning #MugClub

Steven Crowder recaps last week’s hearing, providing you with all the info you need to #StopTheSteal. Also, California sure does have a lot of COVID hypocrites elected to office.

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Written by StevenCrowder


  1. It makes a lot more sense now why Hillary Clinton was so pissed when she lost. I’m sure Dominion received $$$ for the guarantee of that election as well but Trump far exceeded the voting expectations.

  2. just like self defense or feeding yourself, this is what happens when you let others be responsible for you and think they wont put themselves first or abuse their power.

  3. I’m not an expert on ballot processes and such, but the media won’t listen to fraud talk because they know the evidence they are asking for will be hard to get. “If ballots were double counted then why don’t we have more than we should by a lot in counties?” Maybe because you mailed out ballots to every single house and that 95% voter turnout is a lie. “Fraud doesn’t exist. There is human error and bad management.” When does bad management become fraud then? My protest would be media companies, picket lines, boycotts, congressional laws making them stamp their opinions as opinions in big bold letters. If can’t report news, the get fined like banks and other industries. They are influencing society in an unhealthy way that boarders on treason if you think of the left wing as an army. My next step is to do all I can to get Mitt Romney out of Congress.

  4. I doubt Crowder will see my comment but I am a long time watcher and subscriber from Canada (Western, not the idiots in the east).

    CBC is making videos claiming that it’s all false news and unsubstantiated or baseless fraud claims and that Republicans are worried Trump saying the election is fraud will cause Georgia voters not to turn out and vote. The follow the clip with a video of him saying to go out and vote vote vote. The stupidity of the media especially here in Canada is astounding.

    Likewise, while I don’t get the YouTube banner about elections I see the Americans posting about, I am actually being shown clips in suggestion from OAN, Epoch Times, NTD, and Fox News about the election results, fraud being found, etc as well that apparently American users aren’t seeing or being suggested in their feeds.

    I wish the best for you guys – it’s inspiring seeing all of the good trump has done in the US but the left refuses to acknowledge at all. My country has had its issues with Trump on trade deals and such, but from a non-biased position you can see he’s just doing what’s best for his country and the economic growth it brought over the last 4 years; I can’t see why anyone would want to go back.