No, Russia Didn’t Blow Up Their Own Pipeline

On Tuesday it was revealed that the Nord Stream 1 & 2 pipelines that carry liquefied natural gas under Northern Europe’s Baltic Sea had been sabotaged, rendering them inoperable, possibly permanently. And almost as quickly the finger-pointing began, with many in the West alleging that Russia had intentionally damaged its own pipeline while others claimed that a more logical explanation would pin the blame on the U.S., likely acting to eliminate any possibility that European countries will revert to relying on Russia as a source of gas.

Jimmy and his panel of The Dive’s Jackson Hinkle and America’s comedian Kurt Metzger discuss the competing theories and possible motives behind the Nordstream attacks.

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  1. You need a new Internet provider. Your current provider seems to be compromised. Your connection was dropping in both directions. Your show is most likely under attack too Jimmy.

  2. In Two Thousand and Two Hundred and Two years, the Human Race has seen many "Sabotages" that resulted in war between the parties concerned.
    But the US has done the snubbeist of all done so far!
    And blame Russia for that!
    If Russia has gone to deeply insane as Biden (and his Counsel of Ministers who are very exquisite spinners,),
    soon, it will bomb its own cities and factories and blame US and Ukraine!!
    Until this blast, that is only a Leak (some six kilometer long "leak!"), US Covrnment has been routinely fooling its citizens,
    Now it is fooling every soul on earth!
    Biden is now yet another version of Hitler! It he stops fumbling for words and Rant just like Hitler, then the set up would be complete!

  3. watch Redacted channal Please. NATO sabotaged the pipeline, ukrain bombed the civilian convoy .zelinsky killing his own people with the help from America .REDACTED channal the truth is exposed there

  4. NATO AMERICA ,used under water drones to blow up the pipeline, they tried before it failed. PLEASE FOR THE SAKE OF HUMANITY , PEOPLE NEED TO STAND AGAINST AMERICAN TERRORISM. THIS WAR WAS CREATED BY AMETICA AND BRITAIN.REDACTED channal exposes them,zelinsky is a trillionair,1.5 trillion dollars was given to him, and they are still going to give more so he doesn't stop the war

  5. If US can nuke Japan twice secenty five years ago,

    If US enact that hoaxy "Lunar Landing" sixty years ago,
    if US has the guts to resurrect that hoaxy "Lunar Landing" after sixty years, thru Artemis,
    if US can if US can send a probe to The Venus, after twenty years,
    if US can send another probe to The Sun itself, after ten years, to fool the globe for another fifty years,
    "I promise you, we will do it!"

  6. Well Sweden found a water drone with explosives on it a while why didn't they find out where the drone had come from…also American vessels have been in that area very recently…so what more prove do you need..

  7. The other wars was about oil and natural resoruces is it really that far out for most people to tink this one is too?
    These people have no regard for human life or care about the common mans suffering.

  8. North Stream 1 and 2 are considered essential state infrastructure. Imagine if Germany randomly decides to blow up the Hoover Dam. A sabotage by another country is essentialy an act of war. But Germany is in NATO so we can blow their shit up it's fine.

  9. E have to convert to electricity and away from gas in order to save the planet from deadly gases yet they are so concerned that the blow up the NS1 and NS2 pipelines, duping countless amounts of gas into the water and air.

    Is this something e need to throw into Biden’s face the next time he talks about global warming concerns?

  10. As IF. Of course Potato Joe did this. We always do this shit. This had all the finesse of an elephant in a China shop. This absolute rutabaga expects the world to believe Russia blew up their own pipelines but there’s actually a VALVE that Russia can turn off. Clowns. This was Russia’s last bargaining chip. I actually hate our entire government.

  11. Jimmy, your internet Wi-Fi is being attacked just like Joe Biden attacked the Russian Pipeline! Joe Biden's people are trying to silence you. I have been thrown into Facebook jail for another 30 days for saying Joe Biden ordered the bombing of the Russian pipeline. Went into jail yesterday! LOL they continue to censor the truth, these nazis!

  12. Ukraine did it to pit Russia against the U.S. to involve us in their war because Zalinksky KNOWS the time is up and he gonna have to come to the table and talk – he doesn’t want that. So they sabotage the pipelines knowing the U.S. would get blamed – ramping up tensions between U.S. and Russia hoping we would go to war with Russia and where would we stage? Fucking UKRAINE – We didn’t do it because the I.S. Military industrial complex is making a FORTUNE off the Ukraine war, considering we have sent more money in arms than double what cost us to fund a year in AFGHANISTAN.

  13. how much will it cost them to fix this ? is it possible russia could have done this knowing how much it would look like the usa ? trying to turn more americans against government ? unless russia will lose a ton in repairs and sales ..probably not but with 4th 5th gen warfare who knows

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