NO TESTS, SOFT LOCKDOWNS: Omicron Shows TOTAL Biden FAILURE |Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar

Krystal and Saagar track the spike of Omicron covid cases in cities like New York City in the holiday season as tests are inaccessible and people are locking themselves down again

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  1. I’m 27 eat well workout constantly.
    I’m in great shape I will get the vaccine when the other fatties who should get it actually do. I’m not taking that crap the Johnson and Johnson blood clot situation is only getting worse.

  2. I'm not a doctor, but just based on how the vaccine becomes less and less effective with each new variant, I doubt very much at this point that vaccinations are doing much, if anything, to help with omicron. All of the foreign reports on the new variant are basically saying that it's just a weaker virus. More contagious; less deadly. See the trend?

  3. Breaking Points talking about COVID? Next.

    So ignorant to everything when it comes to COVID. "He's a podcaster, but he's pro-Vax so it's all good" Wtaf are you even saying Saagar, now being pro-Vax is the bar for being a qualified speaker? You guys have fucking lost it.

  4. Krystal asking please for people to get vaccinated is so pathetic and corporative! I bet it will not be long until I see them speaking here about the strange spike in sudden deaths… They can't hide the truth for much long.

  5. So Jen Psucky what yuour telling us is you cant afford to give every american a free test but you can demand trillions in spending for the Biden agenda.. Only a fool cant see through this obvious bullshit

  6. Why, why shill for this vaccine at this point. It just facilitates the goals of tyrants. We know it doesn't work. Mean while the manufacturers are profiting to the tune of billions on lies sold to the masses.

  7. are you saying that these people are waiting in the rain for a test just to satisfy their own curiosity about whether or not they have covid? or do they need to get tested to go to work? FDA won't approve tests?? sounds like biden just decided to step up the severity of your mandates: negative test no longer good enough to go to work or school! i think you may have missed the real story here. lack of tests is a feature, not a bug…

    also, didn't you watch the Joe Rogan Podcast with Dr McCullough? the vaccine is doing more harm than good! pfizer's own data says so! more all cause mortality in the vaccinated group than in the placebo group! stop telling people to get vaccinated! you two are failing on covid every bit as much as your government. its almost xmas and you just mentioned "early at home treatment for covid" for the first time. its time for Saagar to do a deep dive on covid vaccines and early treatment.

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