No, Trump Did Not Invent The Election Theft “Conspiracy”

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Mere days after the election (November 11th, 2020) Razör and Tactical Hobo discuss the already-ubiquitous deception that Trump “created” the “election theft conspiracy”. Kicking off a thermonuclear rant in the process.

From RazörForce Offensive #7 – The Big Steal

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Written by The Rageaholic

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  1. Why haven't we started the war yet? Our founding fathers went to war for far less. What the hell are we waiting for? These traitorous politicians should be hung in public, and their supporters tarred and feathered.

  2. Six states stopped counting at the same time (1am) 5am the same six states all of a sudden had Biden in the lead. A man who couldn’t draw 10 supporters at his rally is winning the election?? And they say that Trump was the original creator of this theory?? B.S.!!

  3. Election fraud is a conspiracy they say. But UFO's and aliens, they're real, trust us. The MSM must deem the public so gullible now, they can push aliens. Four years from now, they'll claim Russians rigged the election against Biden, with help from aliens

  4. I was saying throughout 2020 when Biden refused to hardly ever campaign for his own presidency that this was a major sign that fraud was gonna happen. And Joe even confirmed this with his recorded statement that…"I have the most diverse & experienced election fraud groups working for me." And when it actually happened the only thing that surprised me was how unprepared Trump was, as I would have thought he was gonna have taken precautions, but I guess he didn't.

  5. Now that normies are realizing virus came from BSL 4 Lab in Wuhan CHYNA (more than a year after it was obvious), the next great "awakening" will be realizing the election was utterly compromised, corrupt, and rigged! (maybe something around Oct Nov this year it should fucking sink in!)

  6. I see the same folks who will detonate about how safe mail in voting is, in the next instance bitch endlessly about how USPS lost a package and how they suck for shipping stuff – it is mental gymnastics that makes katelyn ohashi look like a couch potato

  7. The nail in the coffin on election night when fox announced Arizona for Biden way before the getting off work crowd even had a chance to get to the polls Americans knew the fix was in no matter what.

  8. They spent years of effort with covid and more than a dozen other schemes to make sure Trump would not be allowed to get a second term. It really was the biggest display of fraud in US history.

  9. On Dorcey: Hipster bearded garden nome. Lmao!
    On Biden and the 10,000 dead people who voted for him: The only candidate more animated than they are! Lmao!
    Classic shit!!!

  10. You know why your video has more upthumbs than all the MSM shills propaganda clips about this? 80 million Trump voters aren’t letting this go anytime soon

  11. You know your country is corrupt when El Salvador sentences their El Presidente to 10 years in prison for something your own Congress does on the daily.

    Pelosi: Embezzling $300 million? Gotta get those numbers up, those are rookie numbers.

  12. The fact that the Time magazine article boasted about stealing the election from the MAGAs and the MAGAs didn’t physically retaliate proves that they’re not serious.